Brandi Glanville to Lisa Vanderpump: Grow Up and GET A LIFE!

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Brandi Glanville isn’t holding back when it comes to Lisa Vanderpump, her former best friend turned mortal enemy on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The former besties have been beasting on each other, carrying on with a she-said-she-said via Twitter after every episode of their hit Bravo show airs.

Their issues go back a long way, and are complicated.

Vanderpump has said that she had no idea Scheana Marie was someone Eddie Cibrian cheated on Brandi with when she hired her at SUR Lounge.

Brandi Glanville believes otherwise, and recently posted a link to a story on Tuesday that claimed otherwise. After she did that, the two co-stars got into it.

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Van der Pump

“I had never heard of Brandi until she had lunch with Cedric whom she had never heard of. :)” Vanderpump tweeted in response, referencing her friend.

Brandi shot back: “grow up please ur acting like a child ... If I ran 3 businesses I don't think I'd have the time to obsess over every little thing on twitter #getalife."

Glanville did acknowledge her former friendship with Vanderpump, saying, “I love [Lisa] and I don’t discount the nice things at all. That’s not how I roll.

“She loaned me a dress, came to my house when I called 911, gave me lots of free wine, defended me at times,” she added ... but that was then.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you'll know Scheana works for Lisa now, and that has been the latest wedge driving the once-tight friends apart.

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 18, we saw Vanderpump opening up about her broken friendship with Glanville.

“I feel like everything I say is being questioned. I feel they’re all ganging up. It’s really hard. I don’t want to cry. I just know I’m being such a good friend," she said.

"I’ve always defended Brandi and it has been difficult,” she said. "Brandi prides herself for being brutally honest ... but it’s more brutal than honest.”

Choose your side ...


As a fellow Brit, business woman and working mum. I have to say Lisa is an inspiration, exceptional role model and a ambassador for elegance. Im totally team Lisa. She walks head held high, has a wonderful husband, poise, elegance and of course a home most of us will only ever dream of. Perhaps some ladies are intiminated by a strong woman !!!!!!!


Brandi is the trashiest person on the show. Why is she even on it? She's not a real housewife of anybody. I would prefer to see Adrienne, Camille, or even Taylor back instead of her. They are all so fake and superficial. Why don't I stop watching this trainwreck?!


Brandi is such triler trash. Why turn on Lisa now .. She just wants to be relevant .. She has no money , her claim to fame is she was a model and Eddie was taken from her.. so the housewives thing is all she has.. Idk how she can be on the housewife deal..? she doesnt have a husband or a live in. so wtf.. to put it words she can understand..


I agree way too much was staged and the way it was edited the whole season made no sense. If Kyle was so sure Mo was not cheating, she would have laughed at Lisa's comment which actually was funny. kyle takes herself waaaay too seriously. I believe Lisa is genuinely hurt as well as Brandi, but I don't get why. And why is Brandi trying to extract some revenge from Lisa (obviously b/c she feels hurt & wronged by Lisa) but her reasons seem off. Brandi KNEW Scheana worked for Lisa whether at Sur or Villa Blanca for some time prior to Brandi's debut on the show. Scheana was a good worker, what was she supposed to do fire her?? But I must agree it was cruel on Lisa's part to have Scheana waitress at her private party and then tell Brandi to congrat Scheana on her new engagement. It's so tacky and so unlike Lisa.
There are # of stories when filming of how Lisa & Brandi "ambushed' Kyle with Mo cheating. At that point Kyle & Kim were going to quit. Obviously, Kyle made some deal with producers to edit out that part, so the whole PR confrontation looks out of sorts.


It almost seems like some of this is staged. Perhaps the producers want Lisa to be the villain this year and had the cameraman plant that magazine in the suitcase. However, I feel that Lisa is genuinely hurt and Brandi is stirring the pot with the other women behind Lisa's back. Yes, Lisa comment to Kyle in her kitchen was not the most sensitive thing to say about Mauricio, but I think Kyle is dwelling on it way too much.

@ ems

I agree with you, however, Lisa dug her own grave...when she befriended someone like Brandi and was chastising Kyle.
I knew Brandi was trouble from day one.


Shantel! I totally agree with you. That was exactly ahat I thought! Why did Lisa have such a bad judgement to befriend such trash like Brandi? I guess she did it because they had a common enemy at the time (Adrienne).

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