9 Young Couples That NEED to Get Back Together

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Young love. It can be so fleeting.

Just ask Aaron Carter, who dated Hilary Duff way back in the day, cheated on her multiple times and now very badly wants her back.

You just don't know what you've got until it's gone sometimes. That's true for us, it's true for you and it's true for many young celebrities.

The following relationship didn't last, but neither half of the ex-couple seems especially happy and/or in love these days, causing us to ask: Should they give it another shot?

We think so. But what say you? And, more importantly, what say them?!?


She make a mistake and so did he - but Rob and Kristen should be together, if she does it again let it go, everyone need a second
chance. Hope it workes out for the two of you, Your can see the Love in your faces for each other.


these ladies are choosing for a relaxed life now!!


Miley dated nick not joe jonas

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