Rachel Frederickson, The Biggest Loser Winner: Too Skinny?

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Rachel Frederickson, 24, won The Biggest Loser and the NBC show's $250,000 grand prize Tuesday night. By definition, The Biggest Loser lost a ton of weight.

Some are saying too much weight. The Biggest Loser winner promptly sparked criticism from viewers who say the show went too far by allowing this.

Frederickson started the competition at 260 pounds and lost 155 pounds, or almost 60 percent of her body weight. The stats speak for themselves:

Rachel Frederickson Before and After Photos
Rachel Frederickson before and after weight loss on The Biggest Loser. What a transformation.

Last night, Frederickson appeared dramatically and surprisingly thinner than the last time viewers saw her, even by The Biggest Loser standards.

Trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels seemed to be clapping in slow motion as they looked Rachel over, their eyes appearing to reflect shock.

Rachel, a competitive high school swimmer, gave up a college scholarship to follow a boyfriend to Europe, then ate her way through their breakup.

Earlier in the season, Frederickson said that winning the show would allow her to reclaim the champion within and embrace an empowered new future.

She echoed that theme last night, but did she go too far?

Week after week in the weight-loss competition, Rachel proved what a fierce competitor she was and was all but destined for a spot in the finale.

Her victory is sure to fuel critics who have questioned the safety of the measures it uses and the ethics of grueling weight-loss regimens as entertainment.

Not everyone agreed, however, as some pundits noted that Frederickson was in it to win the game and will now be able to put a little weight back on, healthily.

Others say that while you may question why this is the subject of a TV show, she came on to lose weight and did exactly that ... so don't hate the player.

What do you think: Did Rachel Frederickson, once 260 pounds and now 105, become too skinny in winning The Biggest Loser Tuesday night?


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it seems like the one in the middle is the prettiest. I mean, she doesn't look really fat nor thin at all. Just perfect.


60% is insane. Bobbi had about 52% wight loss which is crazy as well. She could've won it at 120. And those 15 pounds would have made her look a lot better.


Some of the comments here are disgusting! It's not about how she "looks," it's about her health. This kind of body-centric misogyny is exactly why women develop eating disorders. Those telling her she "looks great" are just as bad as the ones saying she looks like Skeletor. Again, looks are 100% irrelevant. The show claims to promote healthy lifestyle changes; this girl obviously has developed an eating disorder or is using dangerous methods to lose weight too quickly. Praising her will only encourage her to keep going until she's 79 lbs and eating through a feeding tube. Bravo, assholes.

@ Anti-Rexic

And how do you know that she lost her weight by devoloping an eating disorder? Who are you to claim that? Her doctor? Everytime someone looses weight, people have to say its about an eating disorder. Mind your own business. And yes she does look amazing. If people are allowed to say fat people lool good then others are allowed to say that thin people look good. All have diffirent taste so let's leave it at that. The thought would never occur to me to post a comment telling someone he /she is too fat or too thin. Those who complain about setting a bad example are doing exactly that by claiming Rachel is anorexic as if one cant lose weitht without being anorexic. A woman is always anorexic if she is thin according to you guys and that is offensive. And why no mention about Bobby and David? Is it because its always the look of women that must be scrutinized and criticized? That is what is disgusting. Rachel looks amazing and if she decides to gain weight, she will still look amazing. So move on with your life haters. If it's really out of concern that you post your negativity then adress rachel personally instead of posting negativity for the entire world to see - that is not how one voices concern for someone! Eating disorders are caused by people who think it's ok to comment negatively on the appearence of women and say they are anorexic or obese just like that as if it is like saying hello to someone.


I think she looks way too skinny but congrats to her and I hope she gets healthy now. My problem is with the producers of the show who let this happen. Being too skinny is just as unhealthy as being too fat people. If hypothetically this was an eating disorder and she doesn't gain weight she could do real damage to her heart. The producers need to care about the contestants a little more. I don't intend to watch this crappy show ever again.


She looks anorexic. It bothers me that going to such an extreme is exceptable. Is this what the Biggest Loser is promoting? Lose weight at any cost if you want the money. It was offensive to see what she has done to her body. She rememded me of Karen Carpenter.


That is annoying when people are saying she lost too much weight when they don't know how tall she is. If she is at a bmi of 18 she. Is fine

@ Annoyed

She is technically considered underweight now... I read she is 5'4", weighing 105 lbs. That puts her BMI at 18.0. Anything below 18.5 is technically underweight. The fact that this show is writing people checks for $250K for becoming unhealthy is appalling.

@ Annoyed

I agree


Why are people so annoying? Rachel looks great and if SHE not YOU decides that she wants to gain a couple of pounds then she will do so and she will have a blast eating whatever she likes during that time. I was amazed by her weight loss and it is indeed better to be "too thin" according to your standards than being overweight. She fought for it and she earned it so keep your negativity to yourself. She lost the weight and gained a quarter of a million dollars because of her hard work- God bless her. To you who think it is appropriate to tell a stranger that she is too thin, may you have a stranger come up to you and say you are too fat. You can't even let her enjoy her hard work, you have to keep her in defence mode after the rough time she went thrue as if your life will be better by raining on someone elses parade. Go work out and be inspired instead of being negative. God!

@ Muslim

Dude open your eyes. She didn't look amazing at all and something was wrong when she could barely think to talk and almost fell on the stairs. She was probably dehydrated to lose extra pounds to make sure she won. I thought she was really good looking when she was 140's but at 105 she is disgusting. Dani last year was about how far you should go.

@ Glen

Oh please, slipping on stairs is normal (another contestant on the same show almost fell as well when she went back in to change). Barely think to talk? WHAT? You expect the contestants to talk non-stop or what? Don't you guys see how your looking for faults? Every contestant on that show stay away from hydration and probably carbs before weigh in, this is expected - athletes within sports such thai boxing etc do the same thing. You calling her disgusting is EXACTLY what causes unhealthy eating behaviour which ironically is what you guys claim to be against. What makes it ok for someone to say someone looks disgusting? I don't get it, what did she do to you? Had Bobby or David won, none of you haters would be commenting anything but positive things. This entire debate is ONLY because she is a woman. This is what is disgusting. Calling a stranger disgusting even though she never harmed you or anyone else for all we know is wrong on every level. If she isen't your type then that is fine, but no need for name calling. And yes i think she looks amazing and if she gains weight, she will still look amazing, had she still been obese then every pound she packed would be dangerous and unhealthy. Don't forget that she was part of a show where in order to get the price you will have to have lost the most amount of weight. She was playing the game and she played it well - her eyes were set on winning and she did unlike the losers who have nothing else to do than to post negativity online.


i was shocked when I saw her. she looks awfully skinny and sickly. sorry, but I think she was prettier before. if she puts on a little bit of weight she will look much better.


Yipes - she looked practically skeletal! Waaaay too far.


If she stopped once she hit a healthy weight she wouldn't have won. Girl was in it to win it and will probably gain some weight now that she has $250,000.

@ margo

I am with you Margo. And if I had the chance to win $250,000 for losing weight - I would do the same thing!

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