Juan Pablo Galavis: "No Longer Wanted" By Dancing with the Stars!

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The Bachelor star Juan Pablo Galavis was a virtual lock to appear on Dancing with the Stars this spring, but apparently producers are no longer interested.

ABC has not commented, but insiders who work on the show reveal that Juan Pablo initially was under "serious consideration" but is "no longer wanted."

"He's just too risky," says one DWTS source.

"There's too much negativity at this point."

Don't worry Juan Pablo ... EEEEES OK!

Juan Pablo Photo

In all seriousness, is hard to describe how hard Galavis' stock has tanked in the last two months, beginning with comments slamming the idea of a gay Bachelor.

Since then, two of the women who made it far on The Bachelor decided to leave him, not vice versa, and neither had positive things to say in the process.

Andi Dorfman, in fact, called Juan Pablo an "a—hole" with "no filter" who has no real feelings, uses the "language barrier" excuse too much and so forth.

Seriously, check out the breakup below. It is all-time stuff.

Dorfman is being set up as the next Bachelorette, so it's safe to say that ABC is on Team Andi and not Team Juan Pablo when it comes to this breakup.

Two women are left vying for his final rose (see The Bachelor spoilers for more details), but it appears the network is kind of running out the clock on this guy.

As for DWTS, NeNe Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Glee) and Candace Cameron will reportedly join the cast, along with Erin Andrews - as host.

Think ABC made the right move nixing Juan Pablo?

Andi definitely agrees ...


If they don't want Juan Pablo in Dancing With the Stars is their lost. Juan Pablo is a fantastic person, things were just against him. He got a lot of disrespect from the contestants and production. Latinos are different all you recist people need to respect that we have character and we don't kiss ass. All this negativity against him just shows how things still are in the world. People need to respect others opinions.

@ Isabelle

I know ZERO about him. If not for pics online or commercials for the show I'd have NO idea what he looks like. How do you know the kind of person he is? None of us know what he's like, even the cast & crew. Why? NONE have been around him long term when cameras weren't rolling. Why do you think mostBachelor/Bachelorette couples don't last? The 2 people learn about who the other person REALLY is off camera. The viewers only see what the production crew WANT them to see. I don't appreciate being called RACIST, especially when I've never seen the show & have ZERO opinion of him or any contestant as individuals. I'm not a fan of the entire genre of UNreality TV, no matter what the show is about, who is on it, race, gender or ANY other factor. I'm actually a part of the largest minority in the world & FAR from racist/prejudiced or whatever term you want to use. Please choose your words & attacks more carefully next time.


I think it was a very wise choice to reject Juan Pablo for DWTS. He doesn't deserve another shot at TV, he abused his position as Bachelor and made so many people angry with his treatment of the women on the show and the ignorant comments he made about sexual orientation. Although he managed to achieve some level of fame with his antics, I certainly wouldn't consider him a "star"...he just isn't interesting, and I do think ratings would drop considerably. That being said, I think they need to stop putting people from reality shows on DWTS in general, they don't really do anything but talk smack, argue, get drunk, gossip, cry, and act like morons...I would much rather see respected actors, singers, athletes, comedians, etc.

@ Erin

I TOTALLY agree, there should be NO more 'UN'reality TV people on DWTS. Other than a few who have had the generic '15 minutes of fame' after their show, I can't think of ANY who have gone on to a successful long term TV, movie or singing career. The few who have stuck around any length of time are just on other ridiculously non-entertaining reality shows. I like DWTS but it does seem like it could be waning a little so hopefully it picks up some steam this season. I think Candace & Danica will be faves along with the Olympians. I still like the idea of having celebs from different decades featured each season or maybe singers vs. comedians or something like that. I know a lot of people are upset over the musicians & Brooke being let go & I do think ABC handled it poorly but I think the show is far from dead. Looking (mostly) forward to the new season. Just not a fan of NeNe & a couple of the guys (who I've never heard of).


I think that Juan Pablo is honest and that some people take him the wrong way. Well, I am not pleased with the people of DWTS anyway. They fired the Harold Wheeler band and Brooke Burke without giving her a notice. I find that despicable. I think that Juan Pablo is better off without DWTS anyway.


Thank you for doing us ALL a favor and being reasonable with not following through in picking JP as a contender!! This guy has some serious issues and is a very negative, ignorant self-centered person. YAY DWTS!!! Please lets keep it that way, but if you change your mind and do get him, your show will def go down in ratings because MANY are not JP fans!


J.P. is an opportunist. He did not go on that show to find a wife. He's on the show to find a job in TV (fame) and nothing more. Even his tears (acting) are not real! Happy to hear the network finally realizes this and decided not to put him in the DWTS cast line-up. This guy is all about HIMSELF - Andi and some of the others, Kelly and Sharleen, realize this too. See-ya J.P! You and Nikki can go back to Miami after the show is over = then make a huge deal over your break-up, and pick up another 15 minutes of fame...then it's OVER for you for good.


Of all the people rumored to be in the next cast, Candace & U.S.Olympic ice dancers Davis & White are the only ones that I would have any interest in watching. Sadly, it's sounding like this may be one of the worst casts ever, if not THE worst.


Don't care about The Bachelor/Bachelorette (I don't get dating multiple people at the same time), or anyone who is only a celeb because of 'un'reality TV (Kate Gosselin, Mike Sorrentino, etc.). Hope it's not true about NeNe & true about Candace. Recent seasons have been REALLY bad overall. Early seasons (IMO) had 2-3 who couldn't dance but lately it's been half or more of the cast. Let's see TV, movie & music celebs from the past like a Cosby kid, one of the Facts of Life girls, Tiffany, Debbie Gibson, Scott Baio, Mandy Moore. Olympians have always been great to watch too. Tara Lipinski would be AWESOME! I don't recall a baseball, hockey or soccer player in any cast. Just PLEASE no cocky football players like Keyshawn or Jacoby.


cant wait for season 18 of DWTS! I have my favorites already, im putting my money on either Candace Cameron, I found her lovely husband here
http://dailyentertainmentnews.... or Nene Leakes! cant wait to see her on costume, found info of her hubby gregg here http://dailyentertainmentnews....


wtf.: F*ggots looove dancing?


hey racist! you and andi tweeting/saying "--- ok" is NOT ok...its a cartoonish ethnic slur involving a latino stereotype...its no better than juans homophobia...get your minds right...don't do it again...don't let that racist bs go viral...

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