Healthy Giraffe Fed to Lions in Denmark Zoo; Facility Receives Deluge of Threats

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A Danish zoo is receiving hate mail from around the world after having killed a young, healthy giraffe to prevent inbreeding, then feeding it to the zoo's lions.

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    Why didn't they just give it to a different zoo? Makes no sense.


    This is one instance when humans dont need to interfere with nature. The giraffe could have been gently neutered. And the killing in front of kids ...if I was one kids I would have kicked the guy killing in the balls!


    I dunno what's the big deal. In the wild that giraffe would have been chased and ripped to shreds before succumbing to its injuries... Holy crap you people are overly sensitive to issues that should not be such a freakin big deal!!!! Haven't you ever watched the Lion King??? Circle of Life B!TCHES !!!! With a little help from us humans...
    It's not like he killed an elephant and poached it for it's tusks to trade it in the ivory market... now that's animal cruelty!!!!!!


    I can not believe how this zoo in Denmark could kill the giraffe just because the giraffe had a gene that would produce more little ones and it to be killed at 18 months old and feed it to the lions in front of the children and I cannot see why they could have not let the Yorkshire UK zoo if they did not want it there they could have let it go to somewhere it would have been lookafter and as it is there is not much giffares left in the world as the are exstinted you would think that putting them in a zoo that is suppose to keep then safe to have then kill them can you really trust any zoos now after what has happened.

    @ rosemary

    I get what u are saying but giraffes are not extinct. maybe there was something wrong with it, we don't know. but if there wasn't then the zoo was malicious. i hate zoos and will never support them.


    It happens daily in Africa.


    Wake up people, its called nature. Lion eats giraffe, the world is in balance.

    @ SAW

    Dude, keeps the balance, nature... blah blah blah
    Its perfectly fine if its in the African savannah
    Its a zoo for crying out loud! humans have to be responsible for the animals if they keep animals in the zoo!

    Do you teach your kids to go out to the shop to buy a kitten and then abandon the cat once it is no longer cute?


    This is crazy. There was no good reason to kill this giraffe. They could have neutered him. They could have sold or donated him to another zoo. All the people responsible for this plan should be fired and blackballed from working at any other zoo. This animal deserved to life his life. What a tragedy.

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