WATCH: Alabama Mother FLIPS OUT on Oklahoma Fans at Sugar Bowl

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Alabama University football fans take their team seriously.

Some name their kids Krimson Tyde. Others attend the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans... engage in some semi-friendly trash talk with Oklahoma supporters... and then flip the eff out on them, leaping over multiple seats/attendees in order to punch and kick her taunters.

Yes, this actually took place on Friday night.

The woman at the center of the madness is named Michelle Pritchett. She attended the game with her two daughters. She says she was not inebriated at the time of this incident and she says she would go on the attack again because the college kids were the ones out of control.

She really said this. Watch her go insane now:


This lady was probably just mad cause Alabama was upset by OU.(University of Oklahoma). She should be ashamed of herself as it was just a ballgame and the college kids were there to have fun, and what they were doing wasnt really any of her business. She isnt the Stadium Police. She needs to get a grip.


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Shouldn't someone take her children away from her? I mean, is she fit to be a mother?


Sugar Bowl was Thursday night - not Friday.


That would be University of Alabama, people only call it Alabama university when they want to seem ignorant and piss off the fans.