Torrey Smith Posts Homophobic Twit Pic, Refuses to Apologize

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Torrey Smith typically catches passes from quarterback Joe Flacco.

But the Baltimore Ravens wideout is now catching flak for a recent Twit pic and its accompanying caption.

Smith just ran a photo on Twitter of a man donning pink flowery socks and included with it a message that reads "Look at this queen."

Torrey Smith Twit Pic

After coming under fire from some followers for what seems to be a homophobic remark, Smith stood his ground and Tweeted:

"I wasn't being offensive nor am I homophobic not apologizing or taking it down."

The issue of homosexuality is running rampant in the NFL these days.

Rumors continue to circulate that Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers is gay, while former Vikings punter Chris Kluwe wrote a long article this week in which he claimed he was cut from the team due to his support of gay marriage.

Do you think Smith should apologize for this caption? Do you think it's homophobic?


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It's spelled "queer".


It's also not even insulting. Even if he said that he looked gay, it is not insulting. He would be simply pointing out a fact that gay men tend to wear colors like pink more often. There is nothing wrong with pointing out difference in people.

@ lakawak

If gay people don't like the stereotype, then they should change what they wear. No one is mocking you for it in this case. Just pointing out a fact. Just like if black people don't like the stereotype, then they should stop drinking grape soda. It is just a fact. I haven't see a adult white person drinking a grape soda in years, perhaps ever. White people tend to drink Coke, or Sprite, or their Pepsi equivalent. Teenagers and nerds tend to drink Mountain Dew while black people drink the fruity drinks, especially grape. Not racist. Just a fact. And facts can't be racist.

@ lakawak

lakawak why does everything has to be defined or put in perspective in race? what does race have with been gay? I mean it's true that white people prefer certain things and so does other races, Mexicans like what they like, Asians like what they like and Blacks like what they like but we are talking about someone saying or tweeting about a pink sock and you can't help bring up what's really in your dark heart. smh


He didn't say anything about gay people. If THEY want to call themselves queen, then that is their problem. Maybe he was comparing himself to Kate, not realizing that she is a Dutchess. Or maybe he thinks that Elizabeth wears pink sock.


David Merchant, shut your idiot mouth already. Nobody cares about your tea party right wing bullisht.


Gaytheism is one of the denominations of Militant-Atheism. So, by rights, Mr. Smith should be executed for Blasphemy. Not a lot different than what happens to you if you mock Communism, Mohammed, our little King, or El Ron..


Naw don't apologize It takes one to know one, clocking a fellow queen on site of one pic seems like your Gaydar is one point. By the way isn't it funny that athletes, celebs and politicians that rant about gay people and subjects that should mean nothing to a staunchly straight Heterosexual always be the ones who ends up getting thrown out the closet? Homosexuality is not something you acquire your'e born that way IDIOTS; like green eyes and skin tone. So no by no means apologize Torry we'll be waiting for the stiletto shoe to fall out of your I'm sure really full and chaotic closet......reply to your comment "Look at this Queen oh damn wait let me get out of the mirror!

@ cmoore06

Luka Magnotta, the Liberal-Gay-Canadian-Porn-Star-Murderer-Cannibal, referred to himself as a TRAILBLAZER. That people who expressed hatred for him, were just JEALOUS. IT IS THE VERY ESSENCE OF EVIL, CMOORE.

@ cmoore06

In Pakistan... A freshman college student who had never lived away from home, wrote this... Nausea overcame me again – nervous and confused about what was going on around me, I began to shake uncontrollably. My roommate told me to go to his room. He said this student would not hurt me like the other one did. With no real option, I went to his room. The door was half opened. The lights were dim and I could not see properly. I knocked and he told me to come in. I was shocked to see what was happening inside the room. I was abused and sexually violated a second time.


Nothing can be a joke nowadays, truly nothing. How is 'queen' offending any homosexuals? So what, he wore pink socks and said 'Look at this queen', how does that make him homophobic? This world is just a serious piece of crap.


don't do it, man.
............F*GGOTS JUST "BUY" ACCEPTANCE WITH EXPENSIVE CLOTHES & CARS(just because they have no kids)!!

@ Mister+Baja

Tons of straight people don't have kids either. I know, it's a rare concept that people would choose to use a condom and not make a baby out of wedlock or even just because of a one night stand. It's a strange concept to hear someone not wanting to live off welfare but it happens.