Aaron Rodgers Gay Rumors: Did He and Boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi Break Up?

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Rumors that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is gay and has broken up with boyfriend Kevin Lanflisi - who doubled as Rodgers' "personal assistant" - are making the rounds on the Interwebs.

According to Lanflisi's Twitter account, something's definitely going down with his love life. But is it his relationship with Rodgers that he's referring to?

In September, Kevin Lanflisi tweeted:

Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 1

Supposedly, Rodgers was one of the four gay NFL players who were set to come out over the summer, but the football star backed out at the last minute.

This alleged turn of events seems to have hurt his relationship with Lanflisi on both a personal and professional level.

Lanflisi has been the Super Bowl champion's plus-one at more than one awards ceremony, including the ESPYs in July.

Neither has shown up to such events with a female companion.

  • Aaron Rodgers Photo
  • Kevin Lanflisi Picture

While that on its own may not be enough evidence to say whether Aaron Rodgers is gay, many have cited his conversation with MilwaukeeMag - when he said he judges people based on how they treat Kevin, who is "not a famous person" - as proof that the two are more than friends.

In the days following Rodgers' 30th birthday (December 2), Lanflisi took to Twitter to share more cryptic messages with his followers.

Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 2
Kevin Lanflisi Tweet 3
kevin lanflisi tweet 4

Additionally, Kevin Lanflisi announced that he has a new roommate now: His sister.

Rodgers hasn't commented on the latest questions about his sexuality. Given Robin Roberts' mostly warm reception to coming out, now might be a good time if he's ready to take that step. 

What do you think, THGers? Discuss in the comments ...

UPDATE: In an interview on Tuesday, December 31, Rodgers discussed the rumors briefly, saying he is not gay and adding "I really like women."

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I knew a gay guy who could play some really good football. He use to run over other players when he ran the ball and was definitely a good player.


that's dumb and pointless to even say-gays can do anything a straight person does-and with their usual above average fitness, usually better


Rodgers would not be the first GB quarterback who had a boyfriend. Don Majkowski's was the weatherman on WBAY. Everyone in GB knew and didn't care. It was there business. People in Northeast Wi are very accepting and open.


^^^^^^^ oooOOOOohhh


If he's gay he should kill himself.All fags should kill ththemselves. They are not wanted on this planet.

@ sam

You're not wanted on this planet you scumbag pos. People like you are the reason why we can't overcome pointless topics like this.. Worry about yourself and your relationships. Until a gay person comes onto you (which I'm sure will never happen). Stfu. Hang yourself

@ sam

We don't need people like u on this planet.

@ sam

U better watch yourself punk. U don't say stuff like that.

@ sam

Sam, so unintelligent. If everyone who choose to do something unaccepted killed themself, the human race would cease to exist. Get educated!

@ sam

Who cares what the guy does in his personal life. He's a great QB, a cool dude and he's not hurting anyone. Your lack of education and obviously ignorant demeanor is showing.

@ sam

People such as you are not wanted on this planet. Who cares of the guy is gay or not? That's his business. He's a great quarterback and I could care less what his love life is all about. As for "killing themselves" how about we let God have the final say-so.


If Aaron Rodgers is not gay, then who is his Girlfriend?


So he's a fudge packer....other then his center. Nobody else should even care!


Seems to be that this fuck wants to take the spotlight out of Arron Rogers and shine it on hisself. Just go's to show you. Some people will do anything to gain fame. Even so far as to ruin another person career. Arron. Drop him like a hot potato.


Im a pro-gay rights, straight man. I say, Does it matter? He's a great QB. I doubt GreenBay fans would turn on him if it were true. This is 2014, time to realize that we cant and shouldn't try to control another's sexual activity if both people are over 18 and are willing. I don't care what my neighbor does behind closed doors. Not my business.


I thought he was with Ryan Braun. But who cares??


Lol his tweets from a poem on youtube!