Teen Mom 2: Extended Episodes or New Season to Come!

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Is there another season of Teen Mom 2 to come after the current fifth season, which just got underway with a bang on MTV last Tuesday? It looks like it.

Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska had already wrapped filming for Teen Mom 2 Season 5, including the reunion show.

Production recently resumed, however, for all four of the stars.

“Everyone is filming more scenes,” a production insider said.

Teen Mom 2 Cast Members

A suspicious Facebook post claimed this week that the pregnant Jenelle Evans was getting a spin-off with baby daddy to be Nathan Griffin, but that has been debunked.

“Jenelle isn’t getting a spin off,” the source told Radar.

However, “She is filming more scenes but so are all of the rest of the girls. They just don’t really know what it will become, another season or just extra scenes.”

On Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 1, Jenelle - now pregnant by boyfriend Griffith - revealed she aborted husband Courtland Rogers' baby last winter.

Meanwhile, Leah Messer Calvert revealed the heartbreaking news that one of her twins, 4-year-old daughter Aliannah, has a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

Kailyn Lowry struggled with her decision to uproot Isaac to be near her husband, while simultaneously grappling with her baby daddy's views of that particular idea.

Chelsea Houska ... moped about Adam Lind. Standard.

Follow the link to watch Teen Mom 2 online and tell us in the comments: Would you be excited to see the show return for more episodes, or another full season?

Or have you had enough by now? Discuss!


So sorry for the misspells, its a late night, and typing real fSt like this tends to mess me up on these darn ipads, have a lovely night everyone. God bless


Wow, now i have been watchong teen mom since the show came out, and might i add i had my wonderful son at a young age. Jenelle puts a huge image out there for the "bad moms" . I have so much respect for her mother, if only jenelle could care for her son as much as barb does for her and him both, she might turn out half decent. It was so sickening to see little jace cursing up a storm dropping the f bomb everywhere, this now proves to a lot, children are not born this way, its the way they are raised and parented, and who is socializing with him. Now yes, i understand she went through an addiction problem, and yes i have to give her mad respect for getting away from that shit... I have seen true addiction with not just heroin but a lot more nasty drugs and its no joke, but let me be the one to remind everyone, she was not a drug addict when this all begain and jace was younger, its sad how she uses this as a crutch seeing as how she is no longer on the drugs, and yes, i know that everyday is a battle, even when your off of them, but as barb would put it, it is time to grow the f up jenelle, "girls" like her sould not be aloud to reproduce, has jace, gives him up to his mother, never takes care of him, oh im sorry, she takes care of him, when the camras are rolling, has an abortion while facing prison time, shows no care in the world about her abortion, or jace and is now knocked up yet again, this time on purpose, her man doesnt wNt the baby now, and she is/was thinking about a second abortion, ohh bc he doesnt want it or her anymore, wow what a descrace to all the wonderful mothers out their, not to mintion her own family. I support barb 110% and pray that that woman gets the true respect and love she deserves for raising her fd up daughters kid, probably will have to take care of a sec or thrid if ahe doesnt go through witht the abortion. So so sad, tisk tisk jellene. Get your damn life together and while your at it get your tubes together top, tied and burnt to be ezCt. So sorry to sound soo harsh, trust me when i say i am a lovly person, but everytime i see the section on jenelle in the show and aee her online like this, it is just soo disappointing. As a mother, a you g mother, who has gone through a lot of what she did/has, let me be the one to say there is no excuss, get your shit together, if i could do it, then so could she, when u hVe children, your life no longer matters as much or morw than theirs, they alwys come first, that is if you are a true mother, i will end by saying, almost anyone can birth a child (resect to those who can not and god bless), but you have to earn that title "mother" it is not a name that sould be thrown around, earn that name, bc when u do, its the best damn reward any woman could ask for, jenelle, i pray for you, i truly do, and for your baby, and family.. I think you have partied and complained long enough, no more excusses, you are at the want to want to, get to the Just do it stage!!! Good luck and god bless.


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Bring on season 6! I can't get enough of Babs, Jenelle's mom.

@ Rayna

Agreed! :)


just buy condoms, you poor american girls!!

@ Mister+Baja

This one, jenelle just needs to get her stuff taken out for good. But agree to your comment 110%