Kim Kardashian Panics, Suffers Near Wardrobe Malfunction

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Kim Kardashian taped an appearance on Ellen this week and debuted new North West photos during the interview.

That was the big news to come out of the sit-down.

But Kim nearly revealed big, plump news of a different kind, panicking right before she took the stage after suffering a near wardrobe malfunction.

“OMG my dress for Ellen just broke!!! I have to leave in 5mins…I need help! Should I wear this???” Kim wrote on Instagram prior to the Q&A, including with the question these two photos:

Kim Kardashian Instagram Pics

Naturally, every male follower said yes. Yes, Kardashian should definitely wear that.

Watch Kim arrive in her chair and discuss the incident with Ellen now:


If I were her, I'd sue the plastic surgeon who did the azz implants. But then again, if there comes a day when nobody wants to keep up with her media ho-ing family she can do a show about really bad and botched plastic surgeries and the people addicted to plastic surgery. Scary, she looks like she is in her late 40's.


She really is as brainless as they come. What do you expect when you wedge yourself clothing that is at least 4 sizes too small and then try and move. Of course the fabric is going to rip and/or zipper breaks. Poor little North, she doesn't have a chance with Kim for a mom. Old Ho-Ho that is trying too hard.


Kim is too old to be pulling these stunts. She stuffed her fat fake ass in that skirt and let her veiny boobs hang out for all to see knowing it was not something to wear on TV then asks people should she wear it? She wanted her gullible fans to say "you look sooooo hot, yes wear it" which they probably did. IMO Kim is sick in the head. Anyone who needs that kind of attention is pathetic. Go away Kim and don't come back.


What a bloody idiot she is. She's about to go on, has a problem with that ugly ass skirt which is too tight and the reason it 'broke' and what does the moron do? Instagram. Can she be anymore ignorant? The answer is NO.


How does a dress break??!! Is it made of glass or china?! This old hag is a one-dimensional moron!


Huge fat ass!, artificial weird ass!, with a fuck up face out of botox, comon people!, cant they just get the fuck out of the medias, those stupid bunch of stupids people??? fred up with loosers...


Huggggge fat artificial ass, it looks like shit, just like her botox face, comom people, get a life!


To kim thank you for Show love and i love IT make me Strang is your Boy 2000Atem i hope i meet u one


Krisco Lardassian will be up for knee replacement surgery when she hits 40.


The slut is starting to look like a fat old hag.

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