Kanye West: I'm Not a Lunatic!

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Kanye West is under investigation for allegedly hurling numerous punches at some racist idiot who spewed hate toward Kim Kardashian last week.

But in the new issue of Interview, the rapper shoots down talk of himself as any kind of crazy person and blames the media for how he's unfairly portrayed.

Says West to 12 Years a Slave director Steve McQueen:

“People are strategically trying to do things to mute my voice in some way or make me look like I’m a lunatic or pinpoint the inaccuracies in my grammar to somehow take away from the overall message of what I’m saying.”

Kanye also touches on the infamous Bound 2 music video, which features him and Kim nearly simulating sex on a motorcycle.

Kanye West Interview Cover
Kanye West in Black and White

“I think people are afraid of dreams, and that video is one of the closest things to the way that dreams look and feel, or the way joy looks and feels, with the colors.”

Sure. Possibly. We guess.

Kanye concludes that the only risk for him is "not taking one" and that he's clearly been successful throughout his career.

"Only one of two things can happen: either I’m gonna be right or I’m gonna be wrong. But if you look at the past 10 years, I’ve been right.”

Visit the official Interview website for more and toggle through some of West's best rants now:




Kanye west,the little boy-man who now attacks young teen while sitting in a chair will forever be a POOR EXCUSE OF A BLACK MAN. Yes, he is so in Denial of himself. A Lunatic,! 100% Anytime, when a grown man of 36 plus yrs old start ASSAULTING any human being while sitting in a chair minding their own business tells that YES he is the LUNATIC that he is. Kanye has come out and said what he is truly all about. It is so worst than doing research on JAY-Z, stated he never HIT a woman then a video appears out of nowhere, jayz smacking some camera person or groupie giving her the SMACK DOWN BIG TIME. Jayz EXPOSED the truth will only set a person free, right. Getting back on kanye little boy-man, Needs HELP or else someone will give him the BEAT DOWN it is called a waiting GAME and when he thinks all things are cool. The same ASSAULT he put down on that poor kid kanye west will fall into that same situation, or worst his hands will be BOUND,and at that given time KANYE WEST, will receive his KARMA. One thing for sure a person should never take the LAW into their own hands,and no one is ABOVE THE LAW.


This boy is as useless as anyone I have ever seen. Talk about overrated. Him and that picked over useless baby mama Kim need to wrap it up. Nobody gives a damn anymore. They deserve each other.

@ Sims+



Kanye makes himself look like this a nut. With his I think I'm God and being with Kim just makes him and her look like a bunch of crazies. Kim is only famous because of her sex tape. She gives nothing good to society .Most of us look at them and say what a dysfunctional family with money. They need to use the money to get a psychiatrist.


i have never been a fan of kanye or kim there both drama and i feel bad for them they have NO idea what love is. This marriage will end like her crazy mom and confussed sister the whole family is a mess.


Kanye, you make yourself look like a lunatic. STOP, blaming other people take responsibility for your own actions you narcasistic idiot


agree, he only looks this way from the outside............

@ Mister+Baja

Kenya, you need to quit bragging and showing off! No one will respect you or admire you for such behavior. You make a fool of yourself! What would your mom think?


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