Justin Bieber Mug Shot: Released!

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Justin Bieber may have gotten pulled over and arrested for drunk driving this morning.

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    Me and Justin had fun in jail. Well I did he didn't. Trust me he had a tight hole. No one noticed him doing the cowboy walk as he went out. He is mine now I didn't get a chance to do him face up, but he is a good bj make it very hard and he never told. Two hours before he left he was singing baby baby baby oh. Go take a look at the video of him coming out of jail. Noticed the lipping. He try to tell me he wasn't gay. After ten minutes he became gay


    I hope he is prison raped by a bunch of niggers and he comes out with an extra wide asshole


    Can't stand this kid...he''s even losing his looks.....
    He's just a little boy trying to play a Man....and it's not working....


    His smiling mug-shot made me giggle so much, I'm not even going to lie!


    (no matter what)


    That Smile, I'll tell You what it Means and once I say what it represents, many people will agree, and knew it all the time just couldn't recognize it. Men, You all have seen that look on your Wife's or Girl-Friend's Face................................after You gave Her Great SEX!!!! Justin Beiber met someone in there! He's in LOVE!


    Ha ha ha 🎀👛👗👠💄


    And where the f@ck is his mother! My child will never be too old for me to straighten him up. I'm starting to not be a fan of Justin. Not only did he lose his originality, but his music is now so wack. Boy need to get it together.

    @ Wth fam?

    His father helped block cars supposedly so he could drag race. Great set of parents....


    He won't get jail time for a first offense, but who knows what California has in store for him. He does appear to be spiraling out of control, with no one stepping in to try and stop him.

    @ Spare+me

    Nothing is in store for him in Cali....Famous people have gotten away with murder in Cali....anything goes there....


    I'm sick of this latest loser! I know plenty of people feel the same way about this childish bratty idiot


    He's got weed face. Smoking weed causes awful zits

    @ Lynn

    And you know this, why???

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