Fifty Shades of Grey Trailers: Fan-Made Favorites Preview Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson HEAT!

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Fifty Shades of Grey doesn't hit theaters until 2015, but there are already trailers galore on the web that give us a preview. Fan-made previews, but still.

Ever since Jamie Dornan was cast as Christian Grey, fans have assumed, or at least hoped, that he and Dakota Johnson have the right kind of chemistry.

Charlie Hunnam, before bailing on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and being replaced by Dornan this fall, had cited "a tangible chemistry" with Johnson.

A chemistry, he said, that "felt exciting and fun and weird and compelling." Gulp. The million-dollar question: Do Jamie and Dakota possess a similar spark?

This unofficial Fifty Shades of Grey trailer seeks to shed some light on the subject:

Wow. Obviously, this sexy footage of the two actors is nothing like we'll see in the actual trailer, which should be coming out next summer sometime.

They're not even together in the roles shown above. Still, if it helps you envision them as Christian and Ana at all, what you're envisioning is likely pretty hot.

No offense to Charlie Hunnam, but Jamie Dornan is rather dashing, don't you think? The more you watch trailers like this, the better choice he appears.

Speaking of which ... watch a bunch more of them after the jump!

Which of the trailers is your favorite? And are you counting down the days until Valentine's Day ... 2015? Share your comments and vote in our polls:

Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey: Good casting?

Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele: Good casting?


The world of all ‘Fifty Shades Movie” has come to a standstill since the news has spread that Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, who are playing Ana and Christian in the movie adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey” .


Sooooo saaadddd Charlie Hunman is no longer Christain Grey../
The whole time I was reading the books, it was him in my mind. Very disappointed to say the least. This new guy - ah what's his name does not even compare.. At least they could of cast another CG character as someone sexy and that may of suited the role..


soooooo saaaaaad Charlie Hunman is not CG!!! This new guy just doesn't compare... The whole time I was reading the books, in my mind was Charlie. Was not surprised at all he was cast, but this new guy....???? WTF there are much more sexier than this!!!


They need to replace Dakota, that girl sucks has an actress and she doesn't have the most alluring features, I was expecting to see someone with a more innocent appearance


If they want to make the movie come out in 2015 then they BETTER fucking get Charlie Hunnam back as Christian Grey because Jaime Dornan fucking sucks and is NOT fucking Christian. You wouldn't postpone it for Charlie why the fuck are you going to do it for someone that isn't fucking Christian? Are you fucking idiots?! Fix your fucking mistake and get Charlie back or no one is going to go and fucking watch your fucking movie.

@ M Fl

Charlie doesn't want to do it that's why he pulled out. It is an excuse about not having enough time to prepare for the role. He committed to it then got cold feet. Jamie will make a lot better Christian, Charlie was no way near the description of CG.


well, Don Johnson is planning a comeback, folks!!
(good to hear)

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