Christian Grey: THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #7!

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The countdown is on, THGers. It is so very on.

It's late in the year, which means we are revealing the finalists for, and eventually the winner of, our site's prestigious, arbitrary, 7th Annual Celebrity of the Year honor.

Kate Upton heated everything up at #10, Walter White cooked his way into our hearts at #9 and Jennifer Lawrence stole them at #8. Now, our seventh finalist ...

Christian Grey!

Jamie Dornan: Christian Grey

We thought about giving this slot to Jamie Dornan, who will bring Christian Grey to life in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie adaptation of EL James' books.

It was Christian who left more of a mark on 2013 than Dornan, however. In fact, the actor who will actually play him on screen was only recently revealed.

He wasn't even the first person announced as the lead character. That was Charlie Hunnam, who went on to bail on the sexy project for unspecified reasons.

Prior to the casting of Hunnam and the re-casting of the role with Dornan, never has there been more speculation, debate and opinion over a movie character.

Who would be the perfect Christian Grey?

This question was asked millions of times since the movie rights to Fifty Shades of Grey were optioned. Heck, it's still being asked, with filming underway.

Ian Somerhalder. Matt Bomer. Ryan Gosling. Robert Pattinson. The list of potential Christians was long and handsome, but there could be only one.

Jamie Dornan, as a relative unknown, has a great opportunity to really become Christian in a way that Gosling, Somerhalder and certainly R-Pattz couldn't.

That doesn't mean people don't want Ian Somerhalder, however, or whomever. Everyone has their own idealized vision of the troubled, S&M-loving billionaire.

As a casting agent, you can't please everybody when everybody wants to be pleased by the same man, and that man exists only in the reader's imagination.

For that reason, a fictional character (from a glorified Twilight erotic fan fiction book, no less) makes THG's Celebrity of the Year countdown for 2013.

Christian Grey is one of a kind, and while there can be only one actor to officially play him when the film comes out in 2015, fan-made trailers are forever.


I've been watching the show The Fall on BBC and I must say that if this man can pull off a character that is as complex as Paul Spector than his portrayal as Christian Grey will be as easy as Pie. People need to stop complaining. He's attractive and a good actor. Also complaining that just because he is a fairly new actor is ignorant. If children can be nominated for an oscar (and they have despite being rare) than this guy is fine. They have barely begun filming and people are already judgmental. Go to film school or watch how to make film documentaries to educate yourselves on how this business works before you make ignorant comments and make yourself look like an idiot all over the internet. If the movie comes out and then you still don't like it. Okay! Then that's fine at least you waited until the movie was complete before making an ignorant decision. Besides. Sex sells. It doesn't matter how bad or good this will be. This is practically porn and everyone knows people eat that shit up. I highly doubt any of you are serious when you say you refuse to go see it in theaters.


F*ggots can't be Christian.

@ Mister+Baja

That's the whole point of acting you prejudice ass!

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