Selena Gomez Drops F Bomb, Storms Off Jingle Ball Stage

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Selena Gomez did not have a ball at the Jingle Ball Friday night in Los Angeles.

The 21-year old ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber battled technical difficulties throughout her set, at one point telling the crowd:

"Sorry, the sound isn't working! Are you guys having a good night? I promise, a lot cooler people are gonna come out tonight. Is it okay if I perform two more songs and you guys can get to it?"

But Selena then tried a rendition of "Come & Get It," only to grow so agitated by the conclusion that she dropped the F Bomb and stormed off stage.

Watch the performance and then watch her curse in frustration below:

One thing Gomez did NOT do, however? Twerk on Santa Claus.

She left that to Miley Cyrus.


Kind of tough to lip synch when your tracks aren't playing. What is she supposed to do? Sing live? Absolutely not.


Oops.. So what!!!


Plainly,anyone can see that Selena was getting upset with the 'house-equipment' not doing what it is supposed to do! And what does Anyone do when things aren't going right and they continue to foul-up? You let it out! You Vent! You Curse!! I know I Do! Nearly everyone I've ever met does! So what IS the problem here?!
I never saw one place where Sel' said she was a Sainted Nun---Not One time...
She's a celeb',sure,but,news to everyone that doesn't get-it---She Is Still Human! She had a bad day,and,at some point in the future---She will have More of them! Because Human Being's have 'bad-day's! That's just how Life is,and---No-One is Immune!
Life doesn't care Who you are---when it's time for you to have a rough day,a rough patch,or just a rough-hour---you're gonna have-it! Nothing you can do about it! In-fact,the more you try to push-on,or correct---it usually gets Worse! Until it's time for you to be over with it. Then---thing's straighten-out,and you're back to normal...No Biggie...
Selena is Very Talented! I've seen her sing with no music at all,and---do so Beautifully...Even harmonize with 3-other's! That's not easy!
Not only that,but,Sel' never forgets her Fan's! On this latest tour alone,she has stood out in the freezing cold,to take numerous pic's with Fan's,and has a special spot in her Heart for her 'Little's(as she call's them). Selena makes million's of people Happy around the Globe! Not to mention her beautiful heart in all her time spent working with Unicef,and now Salvation Army's Red Kettle project...
And a bunch of you mentally-impaired miscreant's wanna attack her for saying a foul word when she's angry with faulty equipment? And because she wanted to use a recorded show--so she could sing and dance and not be left breathless,or sound a little off,because of the energy needed to put into both?? Are you kidding me with this Crap?!
What a bunch of slimy vultures and jackals you hater's are...
Just wanting to tear Selena down,so you can feel better about yourselves...
Y'all make me physically ILL...
In closing,I'm gonna make it Real plain: Selena Rock's,She's Gorgeous,She's Talented(in acting,singing,and modeling)and---She is Incredibly Sweet,ta'-boot!
That is,Selena is all this currently---Until you jerk-off's kill her beautiful Heart---the way you did Miley's...You see how that worked out--don't you?
I promise you,if you change Selena,too---you will Not like what she becomes...A person with an Icy-heart---doesn't give-a-flyin'-f$@k which path they go down,nor what anyone else thinks. Then they have a tendency to cross-over into the 'shock & awe' genre...No good comes from that...
The reason? Because whatever is gained in being able to deflect the hate with ease,is over-shadowed by losing the ability to 'feel' anything beyond---self-gratification...
When that happens---more is lost than can be repaired...
Hater's are already a version of that...
Hope it never happens to Selena...


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.................F I D D L E???


Does she even have any talent?

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