Justin Bieber Retirement Talk Prompts Panic, Celebration on Twitter

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Brace yourselves, Beliebers... for the beginning of the end?

During an interview with a radio station in Los Angeles this week, Justin Bieber said he's going to retire. That's it. He's done. He's hanging up his microphone as soon as his next album drops in a week.

Most folks assume the artist is joking because... come on now. He's 19 years old. He may have gone through more downs than ups in 2013, but his popularity remains sky high.

He was also wearing sunglasses indoors during the interview and we just can't take anyone who does that seriously.

But Twitter has naturally reacted to the possibility of Bieber retiring in one of two ways: with extreme happiness... or with thoughts of suicide. Watch this video for a slew of contrasting reactions:

Now watch for Bieber's exact words and mannerisms and decide if he really is retiring or not:

Do you hope Justin Bieber retires from music?

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Everyone just give Justin a chance... This guy has been through some really tough times this year... Sure he has made some mistakes... But everyone does that. He's just 19 years old, he will come around again... I don't blame him for needing a break, I would need one to with the way people have been treating him and the way those cameras have been in his face!!!! Sure he has disappointed some fans, but he's his own person and can kinda do what he wants... Just support him beliebers and be their for him through tweets.... Pray for him I guess..??? Like I said before give him a chance and you may be surprised!!!!:)
- Thank You. ( just remember Justin it doesn't matter what people think of you or what they say.. It just matters that people who love and care about you are there when you need them and you think you're a good person). - you really are a good person and don't ever forget that!!!!:):)


Ceeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllebrate good times come on!! Panic....oh hell no!!! Let's all celebrate!!!!




Justin Bieber I LOVE YOU so much (azemina salmina arnesa and munira) <3 :* welcome to Macedoniaa *__*


i love you


so don't go Anal, you boy!!


Best news of the day!


walk off


Best thing that kid could have done for himself. He'd be smart to enjoy his money and run. Move to an island and enjoy life

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