Jesse Jackson: Phil Robertson More Offensive Than Rosa Parks' Bus Driver

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Jesse Jackson has opted to weigh in on Phil Robertson and his inflammatory comments, calling the Duck Dynasty star worse than Rosa Parks' bus driver.

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    A & E should tell Jesse Jackson to go jump in a lake. Also Jesse Jackson and some of his rich black friends are also more offensive than Rosa Parks bus driver, in that they do reverse racial discrimination in doing unjusts to whites. We have never seen more snooty uppity blacks who do hate crimes and injustices to whites before and get away with it. Phil did not say anything bad about blacks and Jesse is being a hater and bigot and intollerant of Phil in reading the Bible. Phil should go gripe to Jesses shows managers to get his butte fired.


    It's not about personal beliefs anymore when you announce them to the public.


    This is 2013. Unfortunately, you can't always express your beliefs in public. Yes, he has the right to his own opinion, but don't forget - you also have to deal with the consequences afterward. That includes all of us. I agree with some of what he said and other things no. But when you're on television, you would think a person would pick their words more wisely.


    Right or wrong people are entitled to their opinion. That is what makes this country so great. Phil was telling it how it is with his beliefs. Jesse is telling out it is with his beliefs. I don't agree with Phil but I don't agree with him being fired either. It is Phil's first amendment right to have freedom of speech. Jesse on the other hand hasn't been in the media lately so he had to say he can go hide under a rock.


    STFU Jesse Jackson. If he was black you would be on his side defending him to the bitter end.


    He called Obama the N word. What a loser


    Fu*k Jessie Jackson up his black racist azz! I have never met a black that was not a racist! They all play the card! Every last one of them!


    Jessie Jackson passing moral judgement on ANYTHING is just to funny. He is the worst of the worst poverty pimps, and I can't believe GLAAD would lower itself to such a level. Shame on you GLAAD, you expect this from a low-life like Jackson or Sharpton.


    In my first conversation I said phil make people feel like he have problems with gays in blacks.phil you said you or a man of GOD. I am not here to judge you but you know and your heart if you having issues with these matters.turn to your word of GOD or your pastor for some guidness.


    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh for Jesse Jackson. about time someone with brains had the balls to tell it like it is. thank you Rev. Jackson.

    @ christieo

    Oh please, he doesn't have brains or balls. He is a joke.

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