Brandi Glanville Puts Perez Hilton on BLAST Over Rehab Comments

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Brandi Glanville is far from pleased with Perez Hilton after the celebrity gossip blogger told her to "shut the f--k up" regarding her thoughts on rehab.

After her “sloppy drunk” antics on Monday’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 Episode 7, the reality star told her Twitter followers:

“For those of u who don’t know me saying I need rehab, I’m NOT going & I don’t need it (yet) plus it doesn’t seem like it would be very fun :)”

Perez crafted a story out of the star’s tweet titled, “Brandi Glanville Jokes About Rehab,” and revisiting Brandi's racist comment the week before.

Writes Hilton of Glanville:

“Considering her sassy remarks have been getting her into trouble lately, she might want to shut the f--k up keep her thoughts on boring rehab to herself.”

Brandi's rebuttal?

“I joke about [rehab] with people that don’t know me, saying I need rehab," she explained, adding, "I have to joke, otherwise social media will eat u alive.”

“And BTW @PerezHilton u made a name 4 urself by being mean and joking about serious issues people have that were not funny! #hypocrite.”

Oh it's ON now.

She has a point. As a celebrity gossip blogger who made a fortune bullying, Perez isn't in a position to talk or give advice ... on pretty much anything.

Then again, Brandi can't expect that no one will call her out on her antics. She's got no filter and people love her for that ... but it comes at a price.

You tell us ...


I was raised with the rules that if you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything at all. But I have to say Brandi does not have a filter between her brain and mouth (if there is much of a brain at all) She never thinks about what she says no mater how rude, crude or uncalled for. She is what we refer to in the south as pure white trash. Beside rehab she needs psychiatric counseling. Just remember your children will see these episodes when they are older. What kind of an example are you setting for your children.

@ Sheila

I just love all these comments. She is exactly just as you say. She wants respect but doesn't give any. What bothers me also is that some of the wife's defend her, Liza, bulging eyes Carlton and and that other blonde , I can't remember her name because she is not important to me.


Brandi def needs to realise there's a time & place to say things, privately with friends may be ok, cuz me and my friends say crazy stuff we would never say in front of others. Girls just being silly. But to say those things on national TV is another story. I really like her, I think she has a good heart, but at the same time, the show expects them to bring drama, otherwise no one would watch the show. Kind of double edge sword. A fine line to walk.

@ Rose

First of all, Brandi is NOT a "girl" at 41 years old! That is an excuse you would make for a 12 year old, and that is Brandi's problem. She never matured past that age and thinks she can say anything she wants, apologize, and move on to her next victim. Her fans only encourage her destructive behavior and it is sad. You don't see the other housewives acting like this, and the only two people she is hurting, is her children.

@ Ex Houswife Fan

I am so so happy some see's things the way I do .Thank you for your comment.


Brandi is a nasty, trashy, alcoholic. She really tarnished the Beverly Hills franchise, which used to be somewhat classy.

@ Rayna

All is true .

@ Rayna

They need to get Brandi off the show she is discussing she ruins the show along with sick Carlton

@ chrystalcombs

Your so right , get Brandi off the show.


Brandi isn't honest, she just likes to start trouble by telling other peoples truth's. People like Brandi suck as friends and as human in general. I just hope she has started to tell her "dates" she has a communicable STD. She ins't HONEST about that, ask John Kerwin.


her wish was to star the gossips once................

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