Amber Portwood: Released From Prison!

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has been released from an Indiana prison after almost a year and a half. She was originally sentenced to five years.

In mid-2012, the troubled reality TV personality famously begged a judge to put her behind bars, rather than sentence her to probation and drug court.

The judge obliged, and sentenced her to prison for violating probation in her drug possession case. Amber Portwood claimed it would be better for her.

Now, the 24-year-old MTV star has paid her debt to society. She walked out a free woman this morning after just 17 months, due to good behavior.

Ambs also completed two unspecified prison courses while serving her time.

Wearing a grey sweatsuit and a smile, the mother of one says the first thing she wants to do now that she's on the outside "get something good to eat."

Indiana Department of Corrections? Not known for their gourmet cuisine.

It's unclear what her status will be regarding custody of Leah, her daughter with Gary Shirley, but we wish her the best in the next phase of her recovery.

Amber Portwood: Can she stay clean?


Congrats girl!!!! I'm so happy for you and Leah I wish you and your family the best. I send you good vibes. TC and keep your head up!!!!!


@Tori take note of good judgment from a now educated womb who has learned the ways of parenting . She did something wrong and now is better . I'm sure she has a higher education level than yourself and can also hold down a man . Take notes on being a better person Tori !


Now here is a real girl that knows what to do when life gives you lemons! Pretty and smart ... Other white women should take note

@ Harry

Other white women take note?? Of what? That she's trailer trash? And why are you bringing race into this?


Yeah, poor girl is Not attractive:(
She will probably go get her nails done with those fake nails from a 'wha cora u wan on yull nair' shop. She always had those stupid long fake as$ nails on that show. Stay drug free!


I hope she gets a makeover.


Good. Hope she is better and straight.

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Amber and Leah (Teen Mom)
Amber Portwood is a star on MTV's Teen Mom. She is the mother of Leah Leann Shirley, whose father is Gary Shirley, Amber's on-off fiance... More »
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