Woman Hands Out Letters to "Overweight" Children on Halloween Instead of Candy

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Talk about scary Halloween houses. Imagine ringing a doorbell, calling out "trick or treat," and getting fat-shamed by the neighbor.

That's happening to children in Fargo, N.D.

A woman there has taken it upon herself to be the "village" and plans to pass out letters to the parents of children she deems overweight instead giving the kids candy.

Cheryl wants "to send a message to the parents of kids that are really overweight."

The letter pretty much speaks for itself, but says "Your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some this Halloween season."

Cheryl believes that by giving candy to these children, she's contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic. That, in her mind, is unconscionable.

But fat-shaming children isn't. Okay then.

Couldn't she hand out apples? Or bananas? Or pretzels? Or not letters that fat-shame children on the one day a year it's acceptable to stay up past bedtime and eat sweets?

Healthy treats instead of candy. Not fat-shaming children. Crazy idea, right?

Halloween Letter To Overweight Children

We thought Maria Kang and her fat-shaming mothers was bad, but this story might be fat-shaming at it's finest, you guys. Where finest of course means worst. 


Someone should hand her a "Nasty Bitch" letter!


Omg this is so darn funny. Amen sister!!! Contrary to belief Only 5% of all obesity is from Heath issues the other 95% is from laziness and not eating healthy. Which means 5 out of 100 of the kids had a health problem. Which means 5 out of the 100 can disregard the letter. I think the letter should have shamed the parents a bit more tho. Stop being fucking lazy and giving your kids mcdonalds and having the tv be there babysitter.

@ Katt

Contrary to popular belief, you cannot tell someone's health from looking at them. You also can't tell someone's health from their body fat. Fast can be a symptom of health issues. It is rarely an issue in and of itself, regardless of the over use of the bmi by medical professionals. Contrary to popular beleif, being unpleasant to people does not motivate them, it just makes you unpleasant. Far shaming is more likely to worsen any underlying issue than aid in its resolution. In other words, stfu, you don't know what you are talking about.


Seriously!!! What gives her the right to judge who is and who isnt. She is going to piss off her neighbors and i am sure they all will have sonething to say. Get a life how dare you destroy a kids holiday fun. Give something healthy or a tooth brush. How dare you judge. "yes there is fredom of speach" but really lady this. Some kids have health issues that make them look obese dont mean they are. And i am sure parents regulate the amount they eat. Some parents dont but seriously you think that just your one letter will change that? No your causing issues and also kinda being a bully. Cause if that kid can read. You crushed them. Hope you have a terrible Halloween. Witch


Wow...And who is this woman to be telling parent's whether or not their children are obese? Even if she were famous I still wouldn't take her opinion because in mine she's a stupid bitch with too much time on her hands.


I'm so glad I don't live there because I would vote her out the village


She is a bitch.


How terrible! I totally agree with you healthy snacks not terribly mean letters


My thoughts on this human: http://twentyfiveandlivingthed...


Here's an idea witch.... If you don't want to give candy to ALL the kids that come to your door, turn off your damn light and don't participate. It also takes a village of pissed off kids to egg your house and roll your trees. So good luck with that.

@ Alena

Haha Right!


Good for her

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