11-Year-Old Girl Sent Home From School With Letter Informing Parents She's Fat

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An 11-year-old Florida girl was sent home from school with a letter informing her parents that she's overweight, a controversial practice by any measure.

But wait until you hear what she actually weighs ...

The girl is 5'5" and tips the scales at 124 pounds.

While that sounds like the definition of normal, the county health department came to Lily Grasso's middle school in Naples, Fla., to screen the kids.

Since Lily's BMI registered at 22, she was put into the "overweight" category and a (pejoratively nicknamed) "fat letter" was sent out, enraging her mom.

While the letter's intent is clearly coming from the right, anti-obesity place, one wonders if this is only compounding kids' self-esteem and body issues.

In this case, with a girl like Lily who isn't anyone's definition of overweight, will she develop a complex over being told she's fat in such an official way?

As her mom, Kristen, asked, should a test like this be done by a doctor, rather than a school? Should a school go further than promoting diet and exercise?

Parents were given the option to opt out, but it appears they had little idea what was to be expected from the screening. Tell us what you think below:

School letters to parents about kids' weight: Right or wrong?

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WTF is wrong with people.


Huh??? That idiotic school had no right at all to send that stupid-ass letter home to that 11-year-old girl's parents. This THG article is further proof that the school system in our country is being run by a bunch of snobby and sneer-filled JACKASSES. And, that girl's parents should DEFINITELY sue that stupid-ass school!!!!! ASAP!!!!!


um, I'm 5 foot 5 and I was told I should be between 130-135 pounds.


ok even for an 11 year old girl she might be in the 84th percentile but its still "healthy" http://apps.nccd.cdc.gov/dnpab...


On most BMI charts that would be a 20 and the healthy range is about 18/19 - 24. This is ridiculous and BMI doesn't account for fat distribution and muscle mass.


If anything the girl is healthy not fat. Some fat for the body is okay.


First of all the title of this article is misleading (probably to get readers and stir up controversy). The girl wasnt singled out and sent home with a letter that no one else had. The school does health screenings that cover vision, hearing, and BMI among other things. These screenings are required in 21 states. So every student gets screened and the results are taken home to their parents by the students. The letter even states that the results of BMI may vary due to athletics (more muscle mass results in higher BMI). And yes I voted yes because more states should do this. Its an informative tool for the parents and nothing else. If you dont want or need the tool and take your kids to the doctor regularly you can opt out of the screenings.


I would have a lawyer addressing that so fast the school wouldn't know what hit them!!


Whoever voted yes is an idiot too!!! Ugh, I'm really starting to dislike this so called humanity. :(