Tori Spelling Sex Tape: Vivid Ready to Make "Substantial Offer"

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The alleged Tori Spelling sex tape could be worth millions and help her out of financial distress, or so says the adult film CEO looking to buy the X-rated romp.

Vivid President Steve Hirsch wants the Tori Spelling sex tape that the former Beverly Hills: 90210 star claims exists in her memoir Spelling It Like It Is.

Hirsch says that Vivid would like to make a "substantial offer" on the sex tape, presuming the video is real ... which if we had to guess, we'd say it isn't.

Tori wrote that she and her husband Dean McDermott filmed it a few Valentine's Days ago, and that it got out, but that the situation just "went away."


Seems like an easy way to get publicity for the book without having to produce anything, but in the event that it's legit, boy does Hirsch want to own it!

Hirsch writes to her, "This is a serious offer for a real tape and it could yield significant returns to help you through your difficult financial situation."

The man who released the Kim Kardashian sex tape to the world wants to see a clip of the video to verify its authenticity, of course. Don't bet on that.

Spelling claims that one of Dean's "friends" claimed to have copied the tape from his computer, but didn't do anything after she made legal threats.

So she's still got it, based on her story.

It's unclear if Tori would consider taking Hirsch up on his offer, but she might want to consider it, given the money problems she writes about ad nauseam.

Farrah Abraham earned in the "high six figures" for her tape, so you'd have to consider a real "celebrity" like Tori would probably yield even more.

Probably enough for Dean to afford a vasectomy. Just saying. Think about it. Now you think about this, THGers: Would you watch a Tori Spelling sex tape?


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Many interesting things we know about Tori from her great book. The most shocking is about her sex tape ))) i was surprised with it but my little searching in the internet showed me something really interesting - ))) ta-ta-ta-ta ))) yammy )

@ hadley

To all I advise it to look... I long searched for it and here have looked at video - I am glad


Hell No!