Pauly D-Amanda Markert Custody Battle: It's Ugly!

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Jersey Shore star Pauly D, who is battling baby mama Amanda Markert for custody of his love child, wants his offspring as far from the Garden State as possible.

Mostly because he just lives in Las Vegas now. But after the stuff that went on inside that Seaside Heights cesspool, who can blame him. You can't unsee that.

Amanda Markert, Pauly D's Baby Mama
DJ Pauly D Photograph

Pauly and Amanda Markert, who have a baby girl that's a few months old, are locking horns over which state should handle their apparently ugly custody case.

He wants Nevada to handle it. She would prefer New Jersey. Simply put, Nevada law is more favorable to fathers seeking joint or sole custody than N.J.

The DJ wants FULL custody, but joint custody is better than nothing.

The reality star, 33, feels so strongly about being a father that he wants not only to support baby Amabella financially, but to be the one in charge.

Pauly says Amanda, who also has another kid, is just not up for it.

Pauly D has yet to meet the child, but has taken a DNA test to confirm he's the father. The other ironic part of his quest to move the case to Nevada?

He'll end up paying more child support. Just because of the way the law works in that state. But he says custody is far more important to him here.

The non-couple hooked up in Vegas and nine months later she gave birth to the child. There was no relationship and they are not on good terms.

One of the reasons for that is that Pauly feels this whole unplanned pregnancy and birth is being treated like some golden ticket by Amanda, 25.

Check out a photo of Pauly D's baby below to see his point ...

Pauly D Baby Photo

ur bab if fucking ugly


"One of the reasons for that is that Pauly feels this whole unplanned pregnancy and birth is being treated like some golden ticket by Amanda, 25." Well Pauly, you idiot - if you'd hooded your tool like you should have, she wouldn't have the ammo and your child with which to do that.


Men jus don't undertstand how it feels to be pregnant for 9 months the pain of child birth and caring for a newborn sleepless nights etc . For hin to now want full custody of a child he wanted to abort is just insane . He is trying to save cash and hv a nanny raise the children whilst he continues with his bizness . A child shud never be separated from a good loving mom. He must jus be given visitation rights and paychild support that all ! Its pains me that jus coz he has money he wants to jus snatch the baby away like Usher did to Tameka

@ monika

Having custody of a child does not save one money, or work.


He hasn't even seen the baby yet?? He wants the kid because he thinks he will save himself some cash. He should of kept it in his pants!

@ Sidney

How will having physical custody of the child save him cash? He works, so he's going to have to hire a nanny, at least part-time. Those aren't cheap you know. Plus, he'll have to pay for the food, shelter, medical needs. Having custody is NOT cheaper!!!

@ Frogmore

You're right, Frogmore. Some people just don't get it! There's 2 sides to every story also. We don't know what went down, exactly. This Amanda chick could be exploiting for her own gains. It says they're not on good terms so that could also be the reason why he hasn't been able to see his baby. She could very well be holding the baby back from him and she's seeing $$$$$ signs. If he were to get custody, he certainly wouldn't be saving any money.
So many people jump to wrong conclusions!!


She looks like him.
And I hope he does the right thing, yes a girl needs her mother, but she also needs her daddy. and I'll pat him on the back for stepping up.
And hopefully him having a baby girl would stop him from having one night stands with woman. and hopefully if he don't get with baby momma they he finds a nice girl to settle down with.

@ Deb

The child needs whomever will do BEST by her. I wonder how the mother does with her first child? That would be a good gauge.


Pauly just sounds like he's upset because he now has a child. He sounds like he is just trying to get back at the mother for some odd reason. I think he thinks because he has money it will help him... Which usually it does. If the mother was a bad mother I would see him getting full custody. But really if he got full custody would he ever have time for the child? He would be paying a nanny which isn't fair to the child. She needs her mother and they should share custody... Just my opinion.

@ TF

Why is everyone assuming that Pauly would get a nanny??!! Maybe he plans to take time off work for awhile. Who knows!


well good for him for stepping up and being responsible unlike a lot of people now days trying to get out of child support.

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