Maksim Chmerkovskiy Confirms Relationship with Kate Upton, Gushes Over Ridiculously Hot Model

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy may be an expert dancer, but he's no longer dancing around his personal life.

The former Dancing with the Stars cemented his status as Most Hated Man in America this week by confirming he's seen Kate Upton nude. The two are dating.

"She's an amazing person," Chmerkovskiy tells Us Weekly. "We have an incredible time together... I definitely didn’t see that coming and I think neither did she. 

"We enjoy each other's company very much and like I said, she's a great girl that I never thought anything romantic like this could have happened."

Rumors of Chmerkovskiy and Upton hooking up first spread in September, as the pair were spotted holding hands in New York City.

But this is the first time either has spoken out about the romance.

Upton has previously been linked to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, while Chmerkovskiy likely had sex with ex-DWTS partner Erin Andrews.

Seriously. Most Hated Man in America.


"The most hated man in America"????? Not by me nor by most other people who love dance. He is a superb ballroom dancer and a consummate professional. Talk about hyperbole. On the other hand, few of these gossip mongers are anywhere close to be writers or reporters.

Derek w newell

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................better than a boy's brothel.


Poor Justin Verlander and Erin Andrews having their names associated with these two tools.


Maks is so desperate for publicity. This is no different then when he did the Bachelor.


Give it a couple months. His ego will break them up.

@ Linda Kaiser

It's already been at least 4

@ Linda Kaiser

How ironic, I assume that it was his ego and sex appeal that brought them together in the first place!" ;-)

@ Linda Kaiser

How ironic, I assume it was his infamous ego that brought them together in the first place!" ;-)

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