Kate Upton Nude in Sports Illustrated: Forget About Being at All Productive Today

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Yup, your day's over. Just punch out now.

Sports Illustrated has released a gallery of photos of model Kate Upton from the 2013 Swimsuit Issue, and we're pretty much at a loss for words.

Much like last year's viral Kate Upton Cat Daddy video, you have to see the pics to fully appreciate them, and you may find yourself entranced, speechless.

SI has taken its longstanding tradition of body paint "bikinis" to a new level this year, barely painting some sort of necklace thing over Kate's chest, which:

  1. Must've been quite something for the painter.
  2. Makes her 2013 SI swimsuit cover look tame.

We hope you weren't in the middle of something at work or school, because there are a ton more Kate Upton pictures where these came from. See below.

You're welcome.


Love these negative comments from guys who could not get a date with the Dog Pound Lady. Kate is just a normal, healthy young lady with a fine face and figure. She will not break in bed that is for sure.

@ shebamutz

Yes, how dare people voice their opinion on the looks of someone who gets paid to show off her body.
Clearly no one's allowed to make a negative statement without being jealous, desperate, hating or apparently, too ugly to even consider dating someone mildly attractive. Let's all hail the pretty people, god knows, they've had it so hard in life.
I'm sure Kate was bullied in school or something, she really needs us to tell her that she's healthy and normal after making six figures off of showing her big tits in a magazine.


WOW all of her pics on display it's like a softporn site or something. Now a lotta guys are gonna visit Hollywood Gossip site searching for Kate!


Don't like her build. She looks like a newly pregnant girl.

@ joy

theres nothing wrong with this girl at all. i would change nothing, i would also lick her butthole,


She might as well go ahead and pose for Playboy. Is it just me or does she have an odd build. Don't get me wrong...she is beautiful...but she has kind of a boxy sort of build...not really curvy in the same way most girls are.


I like her because of her personality and particular features. She is a natural woman.


agree: this is the way we like to see NAKED women.

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Kate Upton is an model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue,first in 2011, when she was named... More »
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