Kim Kardashian Shares "Serious Sister Moment," Khloe Shares New Motto

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Khloe Kardashian is back on Twitter, but this time she isn't alone.

A day after telling critics to bring their daggers because harsh words only make her stronger, and hours after getting all profound and writing that her love can't be explained, Khloe has let off some online steam.

"Why do peps take everything so literally?!? Relax," she wrote. "Peps make up whatever THEY want to believe. Would rather stay quiet then have my words twisted. My motto lately... F--k you."

Ouch. Tell us how you really feel, Double K!

Khloe and Kim

Kim Kardashian, meanwhile, posted the photo above to Instagram and didn't include any curse words in her caption. She simply labeled this a "serious sister moment."

But it's just nice to see the siblings getting along.

Earlier reports claimed Kim was pressuring Khloe to divorce Lamar Odom because he's been soiling the family's respectable brand, an allegation that seemed fishy from the outset.

After all... Kardashian name? Respectable? Ray J might have a few things to say about that.


If Kim can afford a star on Hollywood Blvd. she may have one. Hey don't you thing that "sister photo" looks PHOTOSHOPED!

Angela marie duffek
@ Angela+



Oh, I love her *motto*. It works and it FITS the moment. As for the Kardashian name getting the CRAP kicked out of it, Kris Jenner did it all by herself. I also feel that it is TIME for the series to be TAKEN OFF the air. It has been on long enough, and there isn't anything left to devulge. As for Bruce, he will be HAPPIER W/O the *Gestapo* wife, and he can FIND HIMSELF, after being for so long, a PRISONER in his own body. *GO FOR IT* Bruce, and start to ENJOY your life all over again. GOOD LUCK, *buddy*, and you will wonder why you didin't do this SOONER, than later.

@ Geronimo

If they stayed married for 21 years they must have had something there. Gestapo wife? I never saw Bruce do anything he DIDN'T want to do. He's a big boy. Lately he's been living like a hermit and there's nothing wrong with that but he can't live with Kris and continue to live like one. If he hasn't found himself by now, ( he's in his 60's- 65 or more) then he's phked.!!
As for the Kardashians, KRIS is the one responsible for their Success and MONEY. She's very, very business minded and smart as a whip so say what you will about Kris but she's the backbone of the ENTIRE family.Bruce and his sons included. What's wrong with being successful? I mean, would you turn your back on money and success? NO! What's all the disrespect they've had?? What did any of them do that you haven't seen before? So kIM's a slut because she put her trust in a piece of garbage she thought was her man and he trashed her by showing these intimate tapes to ANYONE and EVERYONE that he could find? Please! Give it a break!
As for SAVANNAH- jealousy reared it's ugly head on you!
RENEE- you're just a phking idiot, plain , simple and kindergartanish as your mindless comments. I hear your kindergarten teacher calling you!!
CONNIE- x2 ? Can you really count that high?


They look so old & worn out. lol....Seriously, Kim looks just like an ape, & Khloe looks like a tranny. Besides they are both disgusting WIGGERS....WHY WHY can't these people disappear...


Respectable??? I'm sure if this family leaves any mark on history this wont be what they were famous for.


Garbage x 2


She is such a slutty looking woman. who is she pretending to be, part of the lonely hearts club? I can't stand her are her simple minded sisters. It's good Bruce did get the younger ones away from these tramps. the look as if they would bed anyone.


the both of them look like veteran strippers. god I hope the media can rid us of them soon. what a waste of people's lives following this group around. they do not contribute anything.


Bitch should be worried about HIV from what's been inside that canyon.


Pathetic face for sure. Crying on a shoulder, sharing info on the potential sports stars that might want some vanilla twat. I don't know of anyone in my social network that would go behind where odom has been.


.........FUCK YOU, pigs!!

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