Justin Bieber Carried Up Great Wall of China by Bodyguards

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Based on a series of new photos, Justin Bieber is either injured, won a bet over his bodyguards... or is insanely spoiled.

The singer and his entourage scaled The Great Wall of China this week, but Bieber apparently needed some help to reach the summit, as a few photos posted to Twitter show him riding on the shoulders of his security team.

See for yourself here:

Carrying Bieber
Justin Bieber in China

"We made it up top!! #GreatWall," wrote pal Alfredo Flores as a caption to these images.

Are they pretty darn innocuous? Of course.

But with Bieber under scrutiny for acting like a spoiled brat over the past few weeks (two words: pee bucket), they don't come at an ideal time.

The singer recently kicked Lil Twist and Lil Za out of his Calabasas home, with insiders saying he's serious about fixing a reputation that suddenly finds itself in tatters.

As for who's offering to help him fix said reputation? Both Miley Cyrus and Vanilla Ice has come out in the past several days and delivered some words of wisdom to Justin.

Yes, that Vanilla Ice.


Yea!!! Justin you can do it!! U r the best ever!!!! Lv u so mch ur all beliebers always support u! :D


Advice he's not taking. His guards/flunkies must get paid a bunch to not tell this stupid kid he was on one of the wonders of the world and walk his own skinny ass up the hill. I believe bondage is illegal.




this is his way of feeling important.


It's absolutely stupid how gossip sites are recycling this story and making a big deal about it. It's a fun prank; he did walk up much of the way. Do gossip writers have any sense of humor?


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