Dina Lohan: The Paparazzi Drove Me to Drink ... and Drive!

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Dina Lohan is actually contending that the paparazzi drove her to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence. You can't make this stuff up.

Her attorney, Mark Heller, appeared for a routine hearing in Dina's DUI case, then offered up this creative "theory" in defense of his high-profile client.

According to Heller, Lindsay Lohan's mom's lifestyle presents so many challenges and so much stress, exacerbated by those vultures that follow her.

If you buy into his rationale, every star and their parents would be full-blown alcoholics, which clearly isn't true. But he is pushing this idea nonetheless.

Heller says that because she is so frequently harassed, DiLo's decision making was as impaired as her driving was when she got stopped on Long Island.

Because of photographers and their impact on her, Dina was inclined to drink so much she registered a .20 blood alcohol level, then get in the car and drive.

That's right, it's all celebrity gossip's fault.

Heller, who briefly represented Lindsay in one of her many criminal cases before being run out of L.A., hopes that the judge will take his argument under consideration.

He may not want to hold his breath.

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And the Fuck Up Of The Year Award Goes To.......


We've got choices in this world and she clearly made the wrong ones. And she placing blame everywhere but where it's suppose to be. Sorry Ass cow. SMH, RMMFE :-P


She's a goddamn lie.


Ohhh nooo, she's got the "it's not my fault" disease too...it seems to be very contagious! LOL


She is the true vulture, as is that lawyer.

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