Corey Feldman Memoir Details Sexual Abuse Endured By Corey Haim, Himself

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In his new memoir, Coreyography, Corey Feldman goes into great detail about the sexual abuse he suffered along with Corey Haim as young movie stars.

The book also describes years of drug abuse both he and Haim faced.

On the 1986 set of Lucas, Haim told Feldman that “an adult male convinced him it was perfectly normal for older men and younger boys" to be subjected to this.

It was "what all the guys do," he recalls, "so they walked off to a secluded area between two trailers ... and [Corey Haim] allowed himself to be sodomized."

After relaying this to Feldman, Haim asked, “So, I guess we should play around like that, too?” Feldman dismissed him, saying, that's “not what kids do, man."

But Feldman went on to suffer a similar fate, specifically by a man named "Ron," whom his father hired as his assistant and who abused him while on drugs.

“Corey was raped at the age of 11,” Feldman goes on, “and like many victims, drug use became an easy, if also tragic, way for him to escape that shame.”

Both Haim and Feldman battled substance abuse for years.

The Two Coreys

Feldman, 42, reached a breaking point when he was arrested for heroin in 1990 at 19. After two more drug arrests, he says he got sober for good.

Haim was not so lucky. In and out of rehab for addiction 15 times, he died 2010. Two years before he died, Haim had opened up about his demons:

"I was very, very awake and very ashamed of what was going on, how I put it, I was just ... coming into Hollywood, man, [I was] just a horny little kid," he says.

"Like on drugs, getting fed drugs, man, by vampires. Stuff happens when you are a kid, it scars you inside for life. I still blame myself to an extent."

In 2011, Feldman said a Hollywood mogul abused Haim and is to blame for the late actor's death, while pedophilia was and still is Hollywood's #1 problem.

His memoir certainly echoes that theme and then some.

I found
this...and its interesting as corey Feldman said in his book one of the ppl that molested them was a owner of the only kids night club that has ever existed.
This is a interview corey haim gave about the owner alphy....the nightclub for Hollywood kids owner


The pseudonyms Feldman uses in his book are pretty obvious and took very little time to figure out:
Tony Burnham = Dominick Brascia
Ron Crimson = John Grissom
Ralph Kaufman = Alphy Hoffman
Bill Kaufman = Bobby Hoffman When you read the book, you'll see there's lots of hints.
Quite likely Corey Haim's molester is David Nicksay.

@ John Doe

I just saw this actually and found it telling.. Poor one can hurt u now.

@ John Doe

Wow just read someone's Anonymous post saying Feldman says I am TONY in
his book..
Problem is I am NOT.. But on the net when a rumor starts...
have a letter from St.Martians Press saying they and Feldman NEVER says I
Dominick Brascia is TONY and they are sorry if anyone got the idea.. I HAVE THE LETTER... They claim it might have been an editing mix up but
NO WAY they intend to say I was TONY... Please call the police and have me arrested.. What you need truth and
proof. Here is some info below Note: I did not even know Corey Haim
when he was 14. Printing rumors that are over 30 years old
hurt people. To you I am just an actor but remember I am a human and I could sue
someone for accusing me of a crime.. Notice the posts are from Anonymous ---------------------------------------------------- In
an email to Nightline,
Corey Haim’s mother said, “I am not willing to discuss, or respond to anything
Corey Feldman has to say… I wish he would talk about himself only and leave my
son out of it.” On
their A&E reality show The
Two Coreys,
Haim and Feldman discussed their dark pasts. In one clip, Haim accused Feldman
of doing nothing to help him when he was “raped, so to speak” at


Can't wait to read ur book, and I'm sorry to hear about ur friend Corey


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let's hope he will teach parents a lesson....................


You know how people say all most all gay people where molested, I don't think I can dispute it anymore. I read lance bass,Danny Pintauro, Rick Martin, and lots of gay celebs have been all my gay friends including girls have been molested

@ lynn

Plus the gay guy shawn from will and grace was managed by the talent agent guy that raped cory. Rosie, Ellen + her girlfriends, I could go on forever. It just makes you wonder if these people would be gay

@ lynn

YOU ARE SO RIGHT. IT CANNOT BE DENIED/DISPUTED. Here is my theory: Women who are raped/molested in childhood in a more traumatic, violent, painful, scary manner as opposed to being "groomed" and "seduced" ARE more likely to become lesbians. Whereas the latter are more likely to have extremely low self-worth, become heterosexually promiscuous, seeing their sexuality as their value, and sometimes even likely to be talked into working as strippers or prostitutes/escorts. BOYS whose fathers are either abusive, absentee/not present enough, are the very boys who fall prey to the grooming of pedophiles. Preferential Pedophiles are were often sexually abused in their own childhoods. I believe Corey Feldman has some kind of intimate connection to charlie shhen and like corey haim may also have been groomed and sexually abused by Charlie Sheen. The thread of Charlie Sheen is the reason Feldman is not naming names. Sheen should be in jail. He is not a joke. He is evil. pure and simple. His meltdown came soon after haims death. karma. as he was responsible in part if not in full, for the fractional suicise and finally the death of that kid he drugged and raped. Feldman, like many boys neglected/unloved by their fathers, adopted a lot of the mannerisms, behaviors and even facial physiognomy of the older men/mentors/predators in his life. Charlie sheen is ALL OVER HIS FACE and in his voice. He is keeping charlie's secret, and yet he is holding the truth right in front of our faces. just look at him. listen to him. he is doing charlie sheen and has been for decades.

@ temple sloane

by "doing" charlie sheen, of course i mean, doing an impression of. But i should have said displaying the deep influence sheen has had on him.


Name These men! Put a stop to it now! Stop being a chicken shit!!


I saw some of this played out before the cameras when they had that reality show " The Two Corey's" anyhow, I just don't think it's fair of him to bring up Haim since he's obviously not here to defend himself. It just seems a little but tacky. If he wants to focus on telling his own story, that's one thing but don't bring up your dead friend unless you're prepared to get the backlash.

@ Fan.

I took as he is defending haim . I don't know what the hell you was reading, but its clear he's telling Hollywood off. Btw charley sheen was the guy that first molestered haim bc his age added up to 42 in August 2008 interview. Plus that's why Denise has 100% say so in the kids lives. She puts up with charley just to keep her kids close

@ lynn

Look, you and I just have a difference of opinion, Leave it at that. As far as the Charlie Sheen thing goes, hmmm makes sense to me. He is one grimy MoFo.

@ Fan.

I looked up the cast of characters for the movie, "Lucas" - the only big name other than Cory Haim is... (look it up).

@ Fan.

Exactly my thoughts. I did the math too. Charlie Sheen molested Core Haim on set of Lucas film when Charlie Sheen was 20 and Haim was 14. Sick pedophile. His bad karma is catching up to him personally and professionally finally.

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