Bon Jovi Walks Fan Down the Aisle in Vegas

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It's every woman's dream to be walked down the wedding aisle by her father.

But if that's not possible, an iconic rock singer will do just fine!

An Australian woman named Branda Delic got married in Las Vegas on Saturday, the same day Jon Bon Jovi and his veteran band were playing a concert in that city.

In the months leading up to the event, Delic had placed a newspaper ad and started a Facebook campaign in order to get Bon Jovi's attention… and it worked!

He surprised the bride in a limo and strolled arm-in-arm with Branda into the Graceland Wedding Chapel for an unofficial ceremony (the real one began a short while later) that was partially captured on camera:

"Congratulations @branksd! May you & Gonzalo have a lifetime of happiness, love & memories together – ALWAYS!” Bon Jovi Tweeted later that day, while Delic added that her life had been “changed forever" thanks to the artist.

And thanks to her new husband, we hope.


he knows exactly what goes on in the hearts of fans, Fantastic Tribute!!

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