Blake Shelton on Westboro Baptist Church: They Can Blow Me!

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Suffice it to say Blake Shelton and the Westboro Baptist Church don't see eye to eye, and the group's tactics don't exactly faze the country superstar.

Blake slammed Westboro recently for threatening to picket one of his shows. The other night, leaving Usher's birthday bash, he offered a similar take.

Asked about the hateful religious organization that has urged a boycott of his concerts, Shelton repeatedly said the so-called "Church" could "BLOW ME."

Seriously. Check out the direct quotes below:

Members of WBC have serious issues with the 37-year-old, because he supports gay rights and because of his relationship with Miranda Lambert.

Miranda is his second wife, who he allegedly had an affair with while he was still married to his first wife, so he's a major sinner all around in their eyes.

Doesn't seem concerned, though.

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Blake Sheldon has not shown anything but how to pile on something that no ones likes. He hasn't proved shit.


Good for Blake Shelton.


Judge NOT, least you be judged. His life, nor anyone else's is their business! Their Bible is nothing like mine. Mine does not teach hate or judging. They do not worship in the House of the Lord, they worship in a Cult Commune. The more everyone over shouts them, the more they will diminish. Kudo's to Blake and everyone else who stands up to these bigoted idiots.


No one dishes sass looking as good as Blake! Men take some notes!! (: