Adrian Peterson's Son Dies After Alleged Assault By Mother's Boyfriend

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Adrian Peterson's son has died following an assault, according to reports. Sioux Falls, S.D., police have confirmed that the 2-year-old child of the NFL star.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the young boy was beaten by the boyfriend of his mother in South Dakota, suffering severe head injuries.

Earlier Friday, he was listed in critical condition.

Per the family's request, the state is holding the child's name, but the athlete's father, Nelson Peterson, confirmed he was Adrian Peterson's son.

"All I can say is, we are asking for prayers and respect for our family as we deal with this tragic situation," Nelson Peterson told a local newspaper.

How and why did this tragedy occur? That is very much unclear at this time, but authorities believe strongly that the attack on the boy was deliberate.

Joseph Robert Patterson, 27, has been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery on an infant. According to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

"Patterson was dating the child's mother and was the only one home with the boy Wednesday when the abuse allegedly took place.

"Patterson called 911 around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday to report the boy was choking at their Platinum Valley apartment."

"But Lt. Blaine Larsen of the Sioux Falls Police Department said it became clear at the hospital that the boy's injuries were not accidental."

"An examination led doctors to suspect that the boy's injuries were 'consistent with abuse and not accidental.'"

"The assault on an infant charge involves blows, shaking or causing a child's head to sustain impact with an object in a manner that causes bleeding or swelling on the brain."

The boy was confirmed dead Friday afternoon.

Adrian Peterson, the 2012 NFL MVP, returned to Vikings headquarters Friday. The all-world running back said he would be on the field Sunday.

"I will be playing Sunday, without a doubt," Peterson told the media today. "I really appreciate all the support that I've been receiving from fans and the Vikings.

He added that "this is a private matter and I would ask you all to please just respect my privacy and not ask at all about the situation at hand."

Peterson also tweeted two hours ago: "The NFL is a fraternity of brothers and I am thankful for the tweets, phone calls and text messages from my fellow players."


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@ Margarita004

Sorry to disappoint you but the mother is Black.

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....and hes still planning to play in their next game"???! Massive pieces of this story seem to be missing. Rest in peace little kid!


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This is BEYOND DISTURBING!!!!! That Joseph Robert Patterson is nothing but a worthless and abusive PIECE OF SHIT!!!!! Why even bother with a long and drawn-out trial?!?!? Send his stupid and cowardly ass straight to THE ELECTRIC CHAIR and let him BURN BURN BURN BURN IN HELL!!!!! And, Adrian Peterson's ex is so stupid for dating such an abusive scumbag!!!!! Most of all, my heart and prayers go out to Adrian Peterson and his entire family. And, Adrian...STAY STRONG DAWG!!!!! Peace.


such a "Hero" must be locked up for good...............


wow, big news, an angry black man kills a black baby. never hear stories like that...NOT!

@ SoReal

There have been many cases of
a white boyfriend beating his
white girlfiends child.Often the
woman is a good mother, then
changes as soon as tthe guy
moves in.It's also not uncommon
for the woman to start in on the
kid whenever the loser does Some bizarre insecurity to let
your child be beaten so you can
hang onto this'Great Catch.'

@ lola+d.

I want to be the 1st to say that you have got to be the dumbest bitch alive. where do you get off walking around like an encyclopedia or pretending you have a masters in psychology. you consistently bark about things you have no knowledge of. The mother to start in on the kid ..... You slimy whore. Do you have kids? No you dont. You need to shut your mouth while you are ahead.

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@ Rebecca

Did I hit a nerve or what?Sorry
for commenting on topics that
I have some knowledge about.
You rage on yet you did not offer
up one piece of information to
negate these facts.If you read
a newspaper once in a while
you would know about this.Do
not blame me for your ignorance.
My reply was simply to reject the
commenter's view that this is a
crime that only black men commit.I did not say that all the
mothers were involved but as lynn said, it does happen.Was it
the idea that a 'White' could do
this monstrous act that infuriated
you so?
I'll never know as you did not
make one valid point about
anything at all.Oh, you did say
that my comments are 'consistent' & that is appreciated.

@ Rebecca

I have kids and I have worked in prisons, sad to say mother's like this woman are in some fault. We as mother's need to protect our children, remarry meck kind hearted men. I was considered attractive while divorcing my ex husband and people thought my husband now was kinda a dork. I knew his potential and I told him straight out any abuse ...I WILL SHOOT TO KILL...GO TO PRISON AND LOVE UP ON THE BADDEST WOMAN AND BE HER BITCH. NOBODY HAD BETTER TOUCH MY CHILD!

@ SoReal

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@ Debra

Woman...grow a fucking brain!!!!! An innocent 2-year-old child has been senselessly beaten to death!!!!! are BEYOND CLUELESS!!!!! And I agree with Jordan...BURN IN HELL YOU STUPID BITCH!!!!!

@ Debra

How many fans do you have, you selfish bitch? Someone's child gets killed and you're only concern is that he didn't mention his fans? Burn in hell lady

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@ Laur

I don't watch football so I am
not familiar with this player.
I think he could have skipped
the upcoming game on Sunday
out of respect for his child.

@ Debra

He said fans in the first of the two quotes ...

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