Tom Hanks Jury Duty Ends Amid Plea Bargain, Allegations of Tampering, Misconduct

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Tom Hanks was summoned for jury duty this week and actually served, but his presence ended up causing controversy and ending a domestic violence trial.

The Oscar winner spent Tuesday on jury duty, hearing the case of a man accused of striking his girlfriend. But soon things took an unexpected turn.

Officials at the L.A. City Attorney’s Office offered the defendant a plea bargain after that learning a female member of the team approached the movie star.

The suspect was allowed to walk free on Wednesday after pleading no contest to the minor offense of disturbing the peace and paying a $150 fine.

Defense lawyer Andrew Flier said “The assigned prosecutor on the case gave notice to the court and myself" of the alleged misconduct, as required.

Flier admitted "that he either saw or was told that one of his colleagues had had contact with Mr. Hanks in the same unit, the City Attorney’s Office."

The prosecutor in question later confirmed the inappropriate contact.

“In a brief evidentiary hearing this morning, she said that around noon time, either yesterday or the day before, she made contact with Mr. Hanks in the stairwell."

"She came up to him and said that she thanked him and that how impressed everyone is that such a celebrity would still be here serving jury duty."

"So she... was maybe a little star struck and nice," the defense attorney admitted, but it was still potential jury tampering. "It should never have happened.”

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This is typical for the Los Angeles City attorneys office. The most gruesome bunch of losers alive. They have railroaded Coyote Shivers and Kelley Lynch for celebrities. Even z listers like cancer comedian, tig notaro, can get this office to railroad defendants. Just have the right law firm and even z list celebrity, and these goons will work for you. The fact that this guy took it to trial likely means he was innocent.

@ llan

Tom Hanks should have reported it. The city attorneys office is as corrupt and shameless as it gets. How pathetic to corner a juror because he's famous. This form of misconduct is minor compared to what this office does on a regular basis. An activist, Melissa Balin, was kept in the system for 15 months on a charge that the city attorney knew to be baseless. Google her case and see what kind of slobs and psychos are hired by the Los Angeles City Attorney's office.