Miley Cyrus iHeartRadio Music Festival Outfit: Hot or Really, Really Not?

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Miley Cyrus took to the stage yesterday for the first time since her split with Liam Hemsworth, letting the tears flow during a performance of "Wrecking Ball."

But that was nothing compared to the outfit Miley donned on the red carpet prior to losing it in Las Vegas.

We know we shouldn't be surprised by anything Miley does or wears at this point, but still. You've gotta see this thing:

Miley Cyrus at iHeartRadio Music Festival
Miley at iHeartRadio Music Festival

Relive Miley's tearful performance now and then sound off:

What do you think of the outfit above?

Herby yafeh

every time i see Miley i think how great she is! as for me she is really hot one with great smile! by the way, have u seen http://mileycyrussextapeleak.c... ? she shoked me with that video

@ Herby Yafeh

What video it is simple there is nothing to compare. It is necessary to look only


She's evolving en she's trying 2 express her feelings via her dress code I think its high time we accepted dat she's nt hannah montana anymore en let her be who she really is no matter how much she tries she won't pleas everyone but as long as she is happy en comfortable Go gail!


LOL, you guys know that her performance was outside in "the tent", right? As in "the parking lot"? Tickets were going for $5.00.

@ wtf

Are you joking? WTF


ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION.... if ya gonna dress like that grow some boobs.....


Oh chill. The girl is young. Wtf does anyone care what she wears? People made her popular. Why do people expect her to be an outstanding person in all areas. Let her party and myofb

@ Boob

Being "Young" is no excuse. We're not talking about a 4 year old shedding her clothes and running around giggling. She's getting close to 21 now, she's an adult. This entire web site is mostly about shock type celebrity news that we're supposed to care and comment about - so yes we are going to comment, like it or lump it. Miley herself does this to get noticed, she wants the attention - good or bad. Maybe some people actually care for her and see that what she's doing isn't that good for for her mentally. Maybe others watched her grow up on Disney and now wonder why she has to go just so very hard to show she's a dirty skank. She's looked up to by millions of children. She should act like a good example, not this trashy piece of garbage that makes kids think this is what is good to emulate. Maybe some of us are just sick of her and have the right to voice our opinion here about that too. Maybe some people are worried that she's on drugs and want her to find help. Others are just disgusted and want to stop seeing her plastered all over doing yet another skanky thing. And no, we won't leave her alone as long as she continues to do this stuff in public. Doing it in public makes it our business.

@ Boob



By doing what she does, I wonder what was her expectation..will it sell more records? Probably, will people finally notice her as miley and not Hannah Montana? I guess so, but I'm sure she can do that by wearing a bit more clothes and having better sells..though that outfit looks fugly at least she finally sent that awful white tank top to the cleaners!


I saw this girl Saturday Night! On the corner of Hollywood & Vine with her head stuck in the window of a low rider!


Why is it even legal to go out in public dressed like that?


well miley, go tasty the next time but first try to find a shrink...............



@ KM0531

You love that word whore. Your mother must have been a piece of work. Only abused boys with mommy issues uses words like that. Did you and rapper eminem share the same mom?

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