Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split, Actor's Infidelity to Blame

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According to E! News, the rumors have become a reality:

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are no longer engaged.

With multiple outlets questioning the actor's commitment - either by sexting January Jones and/or messing around with Eiza Gonzalez - the breakup was "Miley's decision," a source says.

The controversial 20-year-old singer reportedly came to grips with Hemsworth [and] "what she believed was [him being] less than faithful to her."

People Magazine, another reliable source, has also confirmed the split, rumors of which escalated after she unfollowed him on Twitter this weekend.

Cyrus, of course, has been making headlines for weeks, Twerking up a storm at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards and getting nude for her "Wrecking Ball" video.

Insiders claims Liam was embarrassed by Miley, though chatter of the couple's shaky engagement has been rampant since long before Miley's latest PR blitz.

Cyrus and Hemsworth were scarcely photographed together all summer, walking red carpets alone and blowing off questions about their relationship.

A relationship that now appears to be over... for good? You tell us:

Is this it for Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth?


Liam and Miley stay together you are meant for each so please I am hoping and wishing so please write me back
Love unknown


To Lola....If you are going to quote statistics PLEASE TELL US WHERE YOU GOT THEM FROM!! I thought that you had to be at least 13 years old to post on this site.

@ joenamherst

Do I detect a 'Trust' issue?
The National Centre for Health Statistics states that the avg.height of the American woman is 5ft.3.8".The expert quoted is Dr.Vincent Iannelli.Wikipedia definitions are far too general to take as gospel.
P.S. I thought you had to be smart enough to press 'Reply' rather than use other people's posts for 'Debating.'


Miley pushes molly and irresponsible behavior. She performs sexual acts with childrens toys which can only attract children. What does that make her? This attentu on whore deserves all the negative attention she herself has created. She can dance (however unprofessionally) to the bank and go home and cry herself to sleep all alone. Thats not happiness. This pathetic bieber twin has sold her own soul.

@ non+molly+user

Miley is pushing nothing.If you run out & do everything that you hear in a song,what does that make you? Attracting children with Toys?You are so spun.This repetitive comparison to Justin Bieber is really weird & getting really old.You may need a male in your bed to feel complete but women who are confident are fine on their own.I doubt very much that Miley is crying herself to sleep.She is most likely too exhausted from all the new projects she's been working on.


oops...will then justify Liam's bad behaviour & actually defend him?This couple have been distanced for quite some time because of his cheating.Liam has gained so much attention & press from dating Miley Cyrus &this whole break-up story is garnering him amazing coverage
Like you said,we don't know either of them,but from his less than manly & deceitful character,Miley should have made this decision Official a long time ago.

@ lola+d.

i agree with you people always blame miley but liam wasn't anything before miley


sonice pic


HaHaHa!!! Laughable story!!! Put out by her people!


I find it pretty disgusting to see people defending Liam even though he was the one to cheat on her and Miley, rightfully so, called off the engagement. C'mon guys, she's made mistakes, but no one deserves to be cheated on by the person they love. I don't know, I just find it a bit weird to see comments saying "he could do better" or "she didn't deserve him". Do you know him personally? No. So therefore, what makes you think he might be a better person than Miley, if these cheating rumours are true, then maybe it's Miley who was too good for him.

@ lara

As you can see,lara,there seems to be some allergy to reason or or fairness here.When people have user names like AntiMiley that kind of gives you an idea what you're dealing with.Thank you for your clear-headed comment.I cut myself off but the reply above beginning with oops is the continuation of my message for you.

@ lara

Isn't it hypocritical how the self-righteous simpletons who call Miley every Obscene name possible


His infidelity?? BS!! Even if it's true, it's more likely to do with her behaviour lately. No reason/excuse on earth for any man to cheat but in his case, it's justified.

@ Gramma2KT

So who is going to call Liam a SKANK now?
Not me but he is a Coward & he was a Cheater from way back.
No excuse for him.


I don't blame him for dumping her. She has a scrawny undesirable body, is not good looking, has a horrible hairstyle and acts like a tramp! He can do better.

@ joenamherst

You don't like her Act so you criticize her physical appearance?Tall & slender is undesirable?Actually,I always thought Liam looked kind of Sneaky with those squinty eyes.Turns out he is.


they were so cute & perfect together!!

@ rebecca

Miley,so cute,Liam,not my cup of tea.I like a baby face.
JOEY: I did not say Miley was an Amazon.The actual avg. height for women is 5 ft.3.8" therefore Miley is on the taller side.
According to my thesaurus the synonym for Scrawny is 'Lanky.'
Lanky is synonymous for 'Tall' & 'Lean.'So my description of her is accurate & you yourself have been saying the same thing.
Please don't patronize my English skills with your nitpicking unless you have researched your 'point
of contention' thoroughly.
*sorry for using your post for this,rebecca.

@ rebecca

To lola: 5'5" is tall? The average height for a U.S. woman is 5'4 1/2". This is from Wikipedia. Please do not post something with out knowing what you are talking about!

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