Liam Hemsworth "Embarrassed" By Miley Cyrus, But Will They Split?

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Liam Hemsworth is reportedly beyond embarrassed by Miley Cyrus' recent theatrics, but insiders say this does not necessarily mean they're breaking up.

It's been widely speculated that the actor was none too pleased by Miley Cyrus Twerking on the VMA stage or getting buck naked in her new video.

That speculation, insiders say, is very much on point.

"He is embarrassed," a source tells E! News of the 23-year-old actor's reaction. "He is normally extremely laid back but her performance shocked him."

"He had no idea she was going to go that far."

Apparently, neither did her camp - at the VMAs at least. The Miley Cyrus "Wrecking Ball" video took it to a new level, sure, but it wasn't on live TV.

"She was caught up in the moment. That's Miley," a source said, revealing that there wasn't as much tongue, twerking and foam finger action in rehearsal.

"People need to understand she was just having fun," the insider said, noting that this issue doesn't mean the engaged duo is on the rocks, either.

While acknowledging "tension" between the twosome recently, the insider says reports that Liam wants a clean break from her may be exaggerated.

Ditto reports that he is pining for (or putting it to) January Jones.

"They go through these phases and things usually work out," the source explains, and you do have to give the couple credit for this basic point:

They've been together for years and are engaged. Maybe they'll split and maybe they won't, but this isn't a fly-by-night relationship they take lightly.

What do you think: Should Liam end things with Miley?


Everyone has a different idea of fun, plus no-one knows what Liam's personality is.He's known Miley for quite some time so he must 'get her.'If he wants to go,he will .If he does, Miley's going to be very busy with her music projects anyway.Call her whatever childish names you like,her career is smokin' hot right now.


"People need to understand she was having fun" What a stupid statement?! That is your defense?! No wonder people are becoming more and more shitty because others tolerate. There has got to be a limit to things!! Hello?! That is totally unbecoming. What a shame. There are a lot of other ways to have fun... Not make yourself look like a fool and make yourself seem cheap and slutty.


Bet that exgirl friend looks pretty good.And she is decent enough to take in public


I think it's their decision... If he loves her he should stay with her and know its all an act !!! You can tell by the pictures their in together that she loves him very much... If if you truly love each other you never stop trying to make it work , or it's not true love :)


He needs to denounce her ASP. She's lost her mind


If they love each other stay together if you don't feel that way for each other end it what does your heart tell u?


I don't think that's for us to judge. It's for Miley and Liam to judge.

@ Jenn

Looks like miley has already shown what was more important




Sounds like you've had an experience with a Eunich.


Its not her song...Look up Shameonmiley facebook


It would be beneficial for him if he leaves.

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