Khloe Kardashian: A Secret Baby on the Way?!?

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Her dreams of a perfect marriage may be crumbling, but Khloe Kardashian won't let her dreams of having a child fall apart with them.

According to the new issue of In Touch Weekly, Khloe has "never ruled out adoption" and was even spotted at the office of an adoption attorney on September 11.

“She’s saying she’ll have a baby regardless of what’s happening in her marriage," a source tells the tabloid.

Khloe Kardashian Baby Cover

And nothing that's happening in her marriage is positive these days, that's for certain, with Kris Jenner allegedly pushing her daughter to divorce Lamar and allegations of hardcore drug use against the basketball star growing louder each day.

For example: Odom is reportedly pawning his jewelry for crack. Which is never good.

So you tell us: if a divorce is imminent, should Khloe Kardashian still adopt a child?


In my opinion: Khloe needs to clean up her personal life right now before focusing bringing a young new baby in the mix adoption or not. Khloe is in serious denial and needs to get a grip of her personal life remember ninja mommager makes all the decisions in all her childrens lives so sick. In time I am quite sure she will be bless eventually with a child to love but there is a whole lot more in just having a child to hold onto when your self esteem has so broken by her own hands. No one really knows what went on behind closed doors of lamar and khloes estate ok. Khloe is 29-30 still young to meet someone who she can have children with but there is a whole lot more with this story than what is actually being stated. I would not suggest caring for a child right now, on her own would be a disaster with her having that condition of forgetting would she be able to really take care of a little baby. I wonder I doubt not especially if she has trouble in remembering things. Remember it was on their reality show she forget things.hmmmm or was that a LIE as well.Prayers.God bless.


Ewww. That ugly kid will surely look like an ape:-/


Yes I agree- who cares! For any of them to produce an offspring is another tumor for society.


who cares - this is byond gossip it's just filler.

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