Karrueche Tran: Probably Dating Chris Brown Again, Definitely Looking Hot in Bikini

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Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's on-off girlfriend, looks to be back in the "on" stage. And she's rocking a bikini in Miami, Fla., happily posing for cameras.

While Brown staged a very public reconciliation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna earlier this year, it appears that Tran, 25, and Brown, 24, are now back together.

A source declared that the pair were reunited recently, saying:

"He’s been straightforward and honest with Karrueche."

"For years, he thought he had to lie to females and sneak around. But a wise G told him that if he’s ALWAYS honest, s--t always works out for the best and females respect that."

"Since he’s been doing that, his life has been carefree.”

Similarly, Chris said in an interview with JET that he manned up and has been honest with both Karrueche and Rihanna, even if it's a difficult situation.

We respect that, and think it's commendable really.

Then again, he also likened himself to Trayvon Martin and evoked images of slavery, so you can never really tell what's going on with this fellow.

Anyway, here are some bikini pics of Karrueche!

Karrueche Tran Bikini Photograph
Karrueche Tran Bikini Pic

so just because he buried his fued with drake means that he will go back to rihanna? r u for real. They both realized that it was foolish of them to be fueding and ended the nonsense. what's that got to do with rihanna. hypocrisy to the fullest.


@Kt thanx very much for wat u doin for chris bt here is the thing, drake and chris burried their differences meaning that soon and very soon chris will automatically rekindle his romance with riri and where will that leave u. Think?


how can she be a side chick when chris brown is single! ijs! all the hate on this girl with no actual reason. "she went back to chris to be his doormat but its okay for him to go back to riri because they love eachother" such hipocrisy. this world and the people in it are so twisted.


can't get past that bellybutton, it looks cavernous on midget..ugh cringe..this blog is faulty on many levels: definitely exploiting chris' hard work for comeup of her own bgrade career..his Mgt should step in and delimit this consistent exploitation.. for various reasons midget angers the public, she'll never be liked, and this just adds to the bad press chris is already receiving..enough already


this tranny likes it being punshed?


She'll be forever known as Chris Breezy's side chick. Sad. Pathetic.

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