Joe Odom Denies Son's Drug Problems, Apologizes to Kardashians

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Joe Odom is calling backsies.

The father of Lamar Odom WENT OFF on the Kardashians in an interview this week, saying the family doesn't care about his son and pushing Lamar to leave Khloe and company far behind.

In response, Lamar defended his wife and her loved ones, slamming Joe for never being there for him as a child and not being there for him now during his "dark time."

Now, in response to that response, Joe has spoken out again, this time to TMZ.

He says he's sorry for slamming the Kardashians, even labeled the group a "wonderful family."

But Joe remains adamant that his son is not deep into the dangerous world of crack cocaine and also gives a reason for why he exploded this week.

He apparently watched a segment on The Wendy Williams Show in which some lady referred to him as a "heroin addict" and he took offense because he's been clean for 30 years.

And here we have perhaps the saddest part of this whole story: Joe Odom watches The Wendy Williams Show?!?


The kardashians are destroying themselves by their own hands and faked out agendas of trying to do damage control. I feel that after two years khloe should have kept her and husbands private business private to seek the help he needed in private so who is at blame for the exploitation of lamar's business put on Blast. No other than the Kardashians who are a wicked and the cursed family they calls themselves. Inspite of lamar t I do feel for lamar and his dad and pray for both that all feelings can mend.Lamar,knows how the kardashians role with their fraudulent and bribery ways. I still feel that the kardashians are behind everything negative against lamar 100% unless all of these stories are Faked just like the reality show. Lamar never went on any extended jet flying destinations with this family like scott,brody,his brother and sister in law with the kardashian I wonder why. I still feel that all of this is going to be played into the script for their reality show. I know I will not be watching I never do. The kardashians empire is Spiraling down real fast and ninja mommager is trying to do damage control to see what other black men she could hook her daughters up with. Next chris will be stating that Kendall and Kylie are singers/rappers just like (scott d is stating),or better than that kris jenner is going to promote khloe,kim,kourtney,kendall,and kylie new singing sensations. The Kardashians will be doing their debute soon. watch and see, stay tune just like the Jackson Five.LOL it's joke.This family mimicks and kopy kat off other A-List Celebrities, In the meantine Prayers forever for lamar and his dad, remember that god is only one who can heal old wounds not Man.


Pops could not have bitten them any worse than they've already been BIT! He just keeps FLIP FLOPPING- kind of like Obama and his Red Line! Supply an 8 Ball and pops will say anything you like.


PMK Jenner is playing hardball with PR recovery. Papa Joe hurt them bad.