Anthony Weiner: OWNED By NYC Voter in Jewish Deli Argument!

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Happy Rosh Hashanah from Anthony Weiner, who got into an argument with a voter in a Jewish deli this morning and showed his true colors once again.

Proving once and for all why he will never become mayor of New York City, Weiner lost it when a potential constituent suggested that he call it a campaign.

Take a look at what the disgraced politician and self-described argumentative, perpetually horny man had to say about that in the amazing video below:

Unhappy with the suggestion that he drop out, Weiner condescendingly called the man a "jackass" and repeatedly asked "who are you to judge me?"

Pretty sure it's the guy's job to judge candidates for public office, but no matter. Weiner kept yapping and digging himself a deeper hole by the second.

Incredibly, the voter had zero intention of backing down, instead OWNING Anthony Weiner for his lack of morals and self-serving political ambitions.

Three words: Best. Campaigner. Ever.

The guy at the deli, not Weiner.

New York's Democratic primary is set for next Tuesday, September 10, at which point Weiner will finally be put out of his political misery. Count the days ...


Your trash gossip rag got it wrong . Anthony Weiner slams the other old biggot jew for saying he should be ashamed for marrying a Arab . Good for Weiner he did the right thing against that old bigot that is why Israel will have endless war in the Middle East they are the first to cry anti-semitism and the first ones to make racist comments

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