The Bachelorette Spoilers: How Will it End?

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For The Bachelorette star Desiree Hartsock, it all comes down to this.

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    beautiful pic


    I am SO disappointed! I'm sorry but can you say desperate? She is totally in LOVE with Brooks and is just settling for someone who loves her but she isn't in love with him. I have been a loyal fan of both shows but because of this dumb season will NO longer watch. These two will eventually break up......


    brooks will be back and Des will take him back because women are weak or its simply a show the producers want ratings etc etc regardless its entertaining


    HELLO PEOPLE....could eveyone just wake up pleeeeeeeeeese...This is all for the ratings, & If no one sees that, then the producer's have done there job. This show is such a joke. I for one, am done watching...No more drama, stupidity, dumb women, gay men, pleeeeeese, give me a frickin break. This show gets worse each season. If she does wind up w/this gay guy Brooks, she's gonna look like the biggest idiot of all time. PERIOD.... I never liked her from the get-go. She has the worst taste in men, & she's NOT even HOT. Pleeeeeeeese stop the drama, & end this crap. THE SHOW SUCKS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    Wouldn'tt it be something if Zak comes back and she picks him. He always seemed like the Knight in Shinig Amor type too me.


    I can't wait for tonights show, I think that even though this happened with Brooks it's been very obvious she has been connected to him all along.
    As for the pick of the Bachelor... I so hope it's not Juan Pablo.. he is very handsome but I just don't see him making a great bachelor... english not good and having a child bothers me.. for this show any way... to too hard on any child for a whirlwind romance just too emotional and I wish they'd stop involving children. Just way to much for their little precious hearts! A relationship with a child involved can't be of any rush and takes too much time for a healthy romance.


    I like all 3 guys. I don't really care who she ends up with. And I think it's perfectly normal for someone to question everything before proposing to someone they hardly know. Brooks admitting to that and being honest with himself and Des was actually refreshing! BUT! If they let Brooks come back and affect the other 2 guys is BS!! They didn't bail and they don't deserve that. I feel bad for them. And I hope she doesn't choose one as an after thought. Again, I feel bad for Chris and Drew. Although I want Des to find somebody. The only way that I will be watching next season is if she goes home alone. and I have alot of friends who feel the same way. If ABC did do this for ratings...I think it's gonna blow up in their face.


    he is a mormon? well if he upholds the belief maybe he has to follow the rules and so he did this for the " right reasons" honestlt though i have no idea. i think its a religion issue is all.


    Here's my 2 cents. I think Brooks does love her, but he has some unrealistic expectations about what love is; and he certainly has some fears re love, possibly fear of rejection or the infamous fear of commitment. He has seemed uncomfortable with the format all throughout the show. Perhaps he returns, we'll just have to see. But I do tend to agree with the "Brooks or nobody" theory. How could one of the other guys commit to her when they KNOW she's not that in to him. I don't see it happening. I do with Des the best of luck.


    will the chemistry with Brooks last...or just physical chemistry

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