Rambo TV Show: Coming Soon?!?

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John Rambo may soon be invading your living room.

According to a press release sent out by Entertainment One and Nu Image, the companies have joined forces to create/produce a television series based on Sylvester Stallone's beloved film franchise.

It is being shopped to outlets both domestic and international.

Stallone as Rambo

"Rambo fans cover all demographics and we're confident that we'll quickly find this series a home," said eOne Television CEO John Moraynis, while Nu Image's Avi Lerner adds:

"I'm excited by the prospect of collaborating again with my good friend Sly for an encore in this next phase of the Rambo legacy."

Indeed, Stallone - currently at work on The Expendables 3 - is in negotiations to produce the project and may even star in it.

Would you tune in for a Rambo television show?


One Word: AWESOME!
I feel like it's Christmas, and I just keep getting all the gifts I've dreamed of for Years...As you may have guessed---I am a dyed-in-the-wool Rambo and Stallone fan...From the one that started it all,way back in the 80's---'First Blood'---I've been hooked...
Not just because of the great story and film itself,but,in-part---because my father is a Decorated Airborne Ranger Veteran of Viet Nam. Several of the things that Stallone's character does and says about war,combat,and governments treatment of soldier's---hits a little close to home. Much like Tommy Lee Jones character in 'The Park Is Mine'...My Pop was in service for 9-years,and did 2-tours before being sent-home with a machete in the gut to his back-bone for his trouble,and---received some of the foulest 'welcome's ever when he landed...Not to mention,pretty-much being forgotten by the government he so bravely served. He earned 2-Purple Hearts,and a Bronze-Star with Victory-V(this one for saving his whole crew,by single-handedly taking-out machine-gun nests,and snipers that caught them in an ambush and cross-fire)...
I grew-up helping him some nights through the constant nightmares from over there, as well. Sometimes,because it was only him and I,when I was growing-up---I was the only one to talk to when the demons were plaguing him...Though little,I listened,because I somehow knew that my Dad needed me to...As time went on,I began to find it all fascinating. I absorbed everything like a sponge...
So when 'First Blood' came along---I had no trouble relating---even though I wasn't there...I also noticed how my dad closed his eyes at the end,when John speaks on his own 'home-coming',and about the 'booby-trapped' shine-box incident---Because there were many 'true' incidents like that over there that Pop went through,or saw happen...As I said: there are things that just hit close to home. In all 4 films,believe it or not. Due in part to some things I can't talk about...
Anyhow,suffice to say that I am a big fan,and---I will definitely be tuning in.
Something that I'm finding 'ironic',is,being an Author and my enjoyment of this cinematic-hero,I've put together several new and different stories about Rambo,over the years,but kept them out of circulation,because I couldn't publish them,due to Rambo being a Registered protected character. Plus,I figured they already had all of that covered. So,I just made them for the fun of it,while writing my other stories.
I've been published since 2004,with my most recent being an e-book titled: 'STORYTELLER'S[a short-story collaboration to shock & awe] by me(Hollywood)and 3 other authors(It's on Amazon.com,Barnes& Noble.com,and 9-other carrier's).
I wish there were some way for me to be able to get the stories I've made for Rambo to Mr. Stallone,for him to check-out. If for nothing else---just to hear his opinion...That would be Incredible for me...Yes---I do Dream BIG,LOL!
Fun Fact: Rambo was originally created by David Morell,but---Stallone brought him---to Life...
I am looking very forward to seeing 'John J's Spirit keep going...
Later all; Hollywood---out. #RamboLives


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