Miley Cyrus' Manager on VMA Performance: Epic WIN!

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Miley Cyrus' VMA performance Sunday night was troubling and/or offensive - Dr. Laura slammed her as a tasteless, disgusting whore - by many people.

Her manager is not one of those people.

Larry Rudolph said of Miley Cyrus Twerking and writhing all over the stage, "It could not have gone better. The fans got it. The rest eventually will."

Wait ... Miley still has fans after that?

Rudolph, who is also Britney Spears' manager, said that Cyrus' family and friends, including mom Tish "were all cheering from the side of the stage."

He refutes reports that her team is "concerned" (see above) and echoed Miley's refrain that it got the fans buzzing - A LOT - exactly as she'd hoped.

As for who came up with that memorable - for better or worse - performance that still has fans buzzing five days later? All Miles, her manager says:

"Most it came from Miley's brain. But she collaborated with [music video director] Diane Martel, who helped her conceive it and bring in the spirit of the VMAs."

"And Todd James designed all of those amazing bears."

Amazing is one way of putting it.

Miley at the VMAs:


Larry Rudolph said of Miley Cyrus Twerking and writhing all over the stage, "It could not have gone better. The fans got it. The rest eventually will." I don't think anyone got it, nor do I think anyone ever will see it as anything but a bid for attention, even if it is the wrong kind of attention. As for the fans, we haven't heard from the three of them yet.


Lately the music business seems to thrive because of all the writhing and nudity on stage or even just pictures in the media. Say "hi" to Rihanna, Beyoncé ,Spears, Gaga, etc( don't forget the men)....and others too numerous to mention here. If anything this will spur her career forward and if you really think it is going to slow her career down....well, just check the careers of all those who have restored to this "perverse" means of getting to the top. We live in very strange times. If you are going to label her "skank" , make sure you use it for the others doing exactly the same thing....not just because you don't like Miley.


She is such a skank.


he is saying these things because her losing will cost him money...............


"Wait ... Miley still has fans after that?" Yes, she does. A lot of them actually, she's going through a bit of a troubling time but the real fans are going to stick with her through it all. Whoever rights these articles is a dick.

@ anna.k.

So true,anna.I believe tHG slants their articles after they review how many morally upstanding users of their sites are still frothing at the mouth over this.Then they just play with them to incite more anger.I take'dick' to mean an idiot & that is nothing compared to the regular repulsive raunch that shows up regularly.

@ anna.k.

Rights? I think you mean writes. Forgive my assumption, but I have to ask. Would you be a product of Governor Martin O'Malleys' State of Maryland debacle/school system?? I must say your use of the word "dick" is a nice touch, too. Obviously your bar is set high, lol


Miley will not get through this backlash. She made millions by acting like the girl next door and then acts like the whore next door. She's done.

@ Sims



And BTW, Miley, put your tongue back in your mouth please!


This just goes to show the world that in spite of Miley looking like she's gone off the deep end, there will always be yes people and a good PR firm to back up desperate behavior by praising it like it was the best damn thing next to whatever the greatest act really was. Miley should just stick to singing. Leave the real dancing and twirking to those who have the ass to pull it off!

@ WTF?

I agree that Miley should stick to her singing/songwriting & lose this other absurd antic.She did not need anything else. This Larry Rudolph guy is a dick/liar.His job is to guide the artist so for him to say it was all Miley's ideas is a crock.There's a reason they are called 'managers' & this guy is not fill the job requirements.

@ WTF?

So tell me. Does a 34 year old girl have the ass to pull it off?

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