Miley Cyrus: I Know I'm White!

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Miley Cyrus has another message for her haters.

This time, though, the singer isn't telling critics that she's won. Instead, she's lashing out over specific criticism, namely that Cyrus thinks she's African-American.

In response to online hate over her collaboration with French Montana on a remix of his single "Ain't Worried About Nothin" (below), Cyrus Tweeted yesterday:

“I know what color my skin is. you can stop with the friendly reminders bitch.”

Reminding folks that she cannot be tamed, Miley then posted an image carrying the slogan, “It’s My Mouth I Can Say What I Want.”

She can also wear what she wants. Did you catch Miley's outfit at this week's Teen Choice Awards?!? Yikes.


Her outfit was hot. You're just jealous that you couldn't pull it off.


Every body wants to be black but no one wants to embrace it! as in you dont want what comes with it. She just another puppet in this world of media, she in this ima black phase. but once something goes fucking wrong,see how she acts when shit really does go down. i give her 2 more years and then youll see the brighter side of her. and justin is close to be a lost cause ! They keep acting like this is who they really are, the univers will put that to the test,


It's True! This wanna be black can do what ever she pleases and so can the public that will trash her 4 it! Racist? Usually the one pointing the finger is the biggest racist of all. Lots of white skanks today do so and they will play that race card just like a black will. She and the rest of you aren't kidding anyone. She is loose and she thinks that the moment she stops we will all forget! She is wrong.


i love miley cyrus because shes a great singer and twerker i love your hair style. peace out girl
i love u with all my heart


I praise Miley Cyrus. Some people really should be glad that she is not a racist. There are plenty of those who discriminate against race, gender, etc. existing in the world today.

@ Er

Definition of racism (look it up) One race of people ( that could be black /white / chinese...) considering itelf to be superior to another race of people. I don't like rap music, don't twerk, and don't hang in the hood -- but I don't consider myself superior to any race of people, and don't dislike anyone because of their accent or skin colour. If Miley prefers African/American culture/ music etc. - good luck to her. But if you're pointing the finger, - you don't get too many black guys at Rock concerts - Think about it !


Mileys syle is disgusting! And I'm with the majority of peole who agree with! Miley! You can grow up now! You have ! Haven't you! Were all scared 2 c what sense of style you have in your next growing phase


She can say and do whatever she want but you still have to pay for it


Molly Ratchet makes a fool of herself constantly with that gawd awful mouth. She is headed for the funny farm with only herself to blame. Liam wont visit. He doesnt visit now. Molly is a legend in her own mind.

@ non molly user

You're an idiot.


What happened to her? She's not even pretty anymore....what a mess!

@ critic

Go get your eyes checked.


I love u still but why dit you becomb this person i dont even know you eny more


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