Kim Kardashian Baby Weight: Keep It On, Kanye West Urges!

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As reported in the following video, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian disagree on how to release North West photos to the public.

The former is pressuring the latter to give up all magazine cover dreams and simply post a few shots of the child on social media.

But with Kim reportedly also struggling to lose all her baby weight (it's a work in progress, people!), an insider says Kanye is taking the total opposite approach when it comes to his girlfriend's body:

No pressure. All love.

“Kanye ain’t really pushing her to exercise,” a source close to the rapper tells Hollywood Life. “He likes it when she’s thick. He loves all of her and those curves and he tells her that all the time.”

Tabloids seem to disagree on just what state Kim's body is currently in, though Kris Jenner said on her talk show a couple weeks ago that her daughter is "not there yet."

But this friend claims the reality star is trying not to obsess over it.

Especially when she had something else - nay, someone else! - to obsess over:

“She’s not rushing anything because she’s really just into her baby and focused on being a new mom."


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Kim Kardashian Baby Weight: Keep It On, Kanye West Urges!
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Nobody gives a rats ass about seeing the kid. Even the curious are past that. Only in Anerican can you become famous by putting on a persona pretending to being famous. This family has made millions living out a make believe existence. What I would give to have the cameras on them and they not knowing. We can give them credit for playing a large part in the stunting of teenagers maturity growth. They have a track record that consists of porn, manipulation, no standards or self respect and somehow through all this they have a following. It is no wonder how the youth have no boundaries, self worth, foundation or work ethic. It's all about Me Me Me.


Who cares about this kid except Kim & Kayne. They have all lived in reality tv land so long even true life is reality tv. The kid is black with both parents chipmunks 'cheeks'. Its just another baby no one cares


Why does Kayne & Kim think their kid is something special that the entire world is holding their breath to see? No one cares. Babies are born every day.They have all been doing reality tv so long now that their real world is also reality tv. Its just a baby. It will be black, with dad & mom's chipmunk cheeks, id hide the kid to.


Kanye looks really chunky himself these days.


Normal weight ok not too fat


Black man likes them ghetto fat


some americans became racists because of him.

@ abe

Do you wake up stupid or it something that your black ass becomes as the day progress's?


Pushing her to exercise? Unless any exercise includes being flat on her back then there is no worries. A work in progress? Yeah- check back in a year and it will still be a work in progress - with little work and little progress.

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