Kim Kardashian Baby Weight Loss: A Work in Progress

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Yup, it's still there.

With reporters and fans wondering about the state of Kim Kardashian and her pregnancy weight, Kris Jenner took to her talk show today and updated all 12 viewers on the status of her mysteriously quiet daughter.

Kim Kardashian, Breasts Photo

"Well, it’s been three seconds since she’s given birth," Kris said today, laughing off talk that she's locking Kim away until she's back to an acceptable figure.

Okay... so what's the answer?

Has Kardashian gotten her pre-North West body back?!?

"Trust me," Jenner told co-host Ryan Seacrest. "She's not there yet."

But, realizing how harsh that sounded, Jenner explained that Kim "is working hard. She’s not there yet, and if she were there already, it would be freaky weird.”

And the most important takeaway? "Everyone’s beautiful and happy" at home.

Meanwhile, as each day passes without a peek at little Nori, we can't help but wonder: might the release of the Royal Baby photos affect the timing of this child's public debut?


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Kim Kardashian Baby Weight Loss: A Work in Progress
Now tell me it's not real!
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she a nasty bitch...


kim beka sbunu phansi unakekele mtwana pls


she has a gorgeous daughter, a gift from the Lord.....and she won't show a awful is KimmY..prably at her mommy's request.....too bad


Kim is with Kanye and his mother Died from cosmetic surgery. Would never believe Kim is having any surgery done. Another bad article. Great job with staying out of social media


Wow, She is a very large woman.This will take SOME time!


don't do a thing about your breasts..............


Gossip, a thousand pardons, but I was hoping to find the piece for the new release, STUCK IN LOVE, with Greg Kinnear, Lily Collins, Jennifer Connelly & some other darling folk. Sorry, but hope that this flies with the movie. Which, by the way I adored. I have a special liking for movies about writers. The extra spice in this love film is the engaging matter of it being a story based in a family of writers. More later. Thanks Gossip. Hope all see & enjoy this well done feature. Dr. Abba, Be well


Massive amounts of liposuction. We won't see her until the bruises are healed.


It's been several weeks now. The public would probably have some respect for her if she showed herself looking a like a post baby mama. This hiding our is just silly.

@ Spare+me

You too are just another thirsty bitch who talks shit about Kim even when she hasn't been around about town as much, she's busy being a mother dumbass! Go find something to do and go the fuck away you thirsty evil bitch.

@ Danielle

The media WHORE has 24/7 nurses to care for the bastard mailto. The lipo bruises take time to heal

@ Spare+me

No, no matter if she showed up pre or post baby wt, people would talk, bottom line, let her do her thing on her own time like every other mother.

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