Katie Couric to Kim Kardashian: Sorry! I'm Happy For You!

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Katie Couric claims her baby gift to Kim Kardashian, which the reality star took her to task for, was a nice gesture, and that she never slammed Kim or her family.

Kim put Katie Couric on blast Friday when she Instagrammed a pic of the talk show host's card and gift for little North West with the hashtag #IHateFakeMediaFriends.

She added: #MayIHumblySuggestYouNotSendGiftsThenTalkShit.

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Kim Kardashian was furious with the gift, since Katie recently said in an interview that she didn't understand why she and her family are famous.

None of us do, honestly, and Katie says this was just a true statement.

One which she said was made with no ill intent toward the Kards:

"I've met Kim before and I think she's a really sweet person."

"I was responding to a reporter's question, and explaining how I'm intrigued by the public's fascination with her family. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings."

"The gift is genuine, and I'm so happy for Kim and Kanye."

Ass covering? Reasonable explanation? Beef quashed?

Like the inevitable but long-delayed release of North West photos and Kim Kardashian baby body bikini reveals, all we can do is stay tuned, THGers.


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Katie Couric to Kim Kardashian: Sorry! I'm Happy For You!
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the only reason why the kardashians became relevant are 3 things: 1. rob kardashian and the OJ trial, 2. Kim's sex tape, and 3. Kris is a great business woman who sees opportunity for money fame and glory and jumps on it. Kim k was the center of the family fame for her ASSets now that the world has come to know her as a talentless greedy, emotionally retarded hack the world has been introduced to other members of the family that are more interesting aka Khloe, Bruce, Scott and Kourtney. the truth is they wouldn't be successful unless their show didn't have the viewing audience that it has, so media, the president, commenting haters like me, and a bunch of society can all stand there scratching their heads about why the K clan is so popular/successful. and the truth is, its interesting... plain and simple, its an interesting show with an entire family that has agreed to be completely candid with cameras. I watch the show, not because I love to hate, but because I grew up in a family much like theirs (Minus the millions) so I identify with them (I like Khloe and Lamar, I like Kourtney and Scott, I love to hate Kim and Kris That's why I watch the show...) I'm not going to be deceptively naïve about the show. I'm not going to be like others and say "I don't understand why they are celebrities" they are a household name because they saw a chance at a show at making money and they jumped on it. I can see why Katie Couric can feel that way (why are they relevant??) but the truth is they are popular because they have a hit show. so regardless of how much ppl may hate them media needs to stop being passively naïve about the Kardashians. you know who they are, stories like this will be published, the K clan is hydra... get over it.


Hello Katie Couric, when will I and you and people that do things that are nice for or to people that only care about their "image" realize that if the image a person has of themselves is OBVIOUSLY NOT TRUE they will not appreciate a gift from someone that thinks well of them PERIOD


Would Kim have been happier, if Katie had said it's because of Kim's sex tape?


Katie don't need to apologize to Kim. No one knows what her or her family are famous for. Katie just said it out loud and it was in response to a question a reporter asked her. Kim need to think long and hard before she calls someone else fake. Girl is definitely got some lights out upstairs.


It would be a gift from heaven if most people just stopped caring about Kim. If people just went away and didn't give two squats about her after pregnancy looks or her baby. The world would be a slightly better place. I must say that in order to practice what I preach, I will need to avoid any Kardashian articles in the future too. I guess I start from here on out. I feel a slight relief already even before pressing the comment key!


I Katie was covering her own butt that makes sense but Katie could not begin to cover Kim's butt - especially now.


The most idiotic aspect of this story is that Katie C even gave Kim K a present for her baby in the first place. It's not like they were close friends or anything - it was because Kim K was famous. So why feed the monster, Katie?


kim is a hoe..all what she got is ass ..


lol all what u got is ass kim..becuse all what you do with your lpis is suck..lol.

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