Kim Kardashian Unloads on Katie Couric: Fake $hit Talker!

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Kim Kardashian has kept mostly quiet since becoming a mother, only really taking to social media to wish her loved ones a happy birthday or thank her fans for support.

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    Kim Kardashian Sex Tape is known to be a hard to find one.
    Watch it here: Kim Kardashian Sex Tape ultimate

    Kim Kardashian Unloads on Katie Couric: Fake $hit Talker!
    I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


    Kim got famous for doing a sextape! Don't ever forget that kim! U wasn't famous because of your latefather! U is a hoe! PLAIN AND SIMPLE! SAY WHAT U WANT! THINK WHAT U WANT! BUT U ARE A HOE!

    @ josey

    don't hate just because her sextape got her paid and a popular reality show, and your sextape didn't get you anything. I love haters!


    I'm not as bothered by Kim and the Kardashians as many of you seem to be. That said, I agree with Kim because Hollywood/TV is so fake and if someone sent me a babygift after trashing me in the media, I'd call it out too. Doesn't have to mean a social media war but for someone who has clearly been on a career downswing (Katie) for awhile now, she's entitled to her opinion. But I wouldn't accept a gift from someone who tried to make headlines by trashing me in the public eye.


    Kim kardashian trying to be so ghetto, I can say now kim will surely have to drive that armour truck if she keep attacking people like this and not backing up what she says. Kim k can not fight but I do know one person who is egging a fight to go down that is Ninja Mommager for sure. Read between the lines everyone kim k never expresses herself tuff kim k is such a weak little girl in a grown womans body and she does is cry a river if she doesn't get her way.

    The kardashians are who they are because they buy into their own ratings. It is not because they have this huge fan base think about it, who really keep them revelent E network does they pay for the kardashians ratings and it is all bribery under scope money handling some kind of way ok. the family that calls themselves the Cursed family tells you a whole lot of what they are truly about.

    Nothing but getting rich off of their own money and their E network who is to say that kris jenner may have gone to bed with seacreast.hmmm they might be lovers in secret let the truth be known. kris jenner love her men young right. bruce has been put to pasture guys.


    who learned her these words?


    The k-trash family just need's to give it up and face reality. Enough is enough!!


    5 stories out of 8 about the Kardiashians. Hard to believe three others were given print. I truly don't know how many more story lines they have--adultery, marriage divorce, rants, meltdowns, parent DNA, births! Is there ever an end to this onslaught,?


    Just when I think the K-Krew has done/said it all, they come up with something else outrageous. Katie could have responded by saying it's because of Kim's mom pimping her & the rest of the family to the media or even worse, because of her porno. If what Katie said was a slam in Kim's eyes I'd LOVE to see her go ballistic over comments most of the general public is making!


    I don't like Couric either. Does anyone remember when she had her show, and a chef was on it? She had a LIVE lobster, and she PULLED the legs OFF of it while it was still ALIVE...It, the lobster even SQUEELED on t.v...She has a way of BEING TOTALLY stupid/


    Katie is just calling it as it is. The K's are famous not for any special talent or ability - they are famous because there are a lot of shallow gullible people out there, and many of them are teens.

    @ TeeCee

    wow. I never cared about Katie one way or another, but now that u write what she did to a live creature. I hate her. shame on her

    @ julie

    Oh yeah! No doubt, now that someone wrote IT- it must be true. Is it possible you can be anymore gullible? I'm guessing the answer is yes.

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