Harrison Ford: Expendables 3 and Indiana Jones 5? All In a Day's Work!

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Harrison Ford may not be fulfilling our dreams of taking over the Star Wars VII movie single handily but that doesn't mean he hasn't been making waves here lately.

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Earlier in the day, Ford made the entertainment headlines by saying he'd be on board for an Indiana Jones 5 despite being 71 years old.

"To me, what was interesting about the character was that he prevailed, that he had courage, that he had wit, that he had intelligence, that he was frightened, and that he still managed to survive. That I can do."

You know what Mr. Ford? I believe you. I'll go right along with the idea of another Indiana Jones movie. If it can be worked out that Schwarzenegger is Conan once again, surely we can bring back the fedora.

However, the second news story of the day is a little less exciting.

Maybe it's because I'm a female. Maybe it's because it isn't something legendary like Indiana Jones. Or maybe it's simply because I'm burnt out over the "a new sequel each year" model Hollywood seems to be following of late.

But this news that Harrison Ford has signed on for The Expendables 3 does absolutely nothing for me but cause eye rolling. 

Sylvester Stallone tweeted earlier (Stallone tweets?) that "WILLIS OUT... HARRISON FORD IN!!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting for this!!!!"

Am I wrong or did Sylvester Stallone just go fangirl on us?

Either way, it appears as if Bruce Willis is leaving the movie and Harrison Ford is stepping in his place. 

Perhaps Willis saw the writing on the wall and it looked very similar to that of Red 2 and he's the smarter man here? We'll have to see. The Expendables 3 has a planned release on April 15 of next year.


Okay. You seem to have a few issues with sequels,but,I got news for you---it isn't because you're female...I happen to know quite a few females who follow the Expendables films. Also, the Indiana Jones films. And, many,many,other action films, and stars. So, in this case---I'll just say that it's 'you' personally...
Bruce Willis is a fine action actor,but, just recently got through with 'Good Day to Die Hard' and 'G.I.Joe,the retaliation',and 'Looper's...Do you think it's possible the man just might want a 'break'? I do...Bruce has made several blockbusters over the years,and can certainly take some time to sit a few out, if he wants to...
And,for the record,'Expendables'(nor Hollywood) doesn't 'put out a sequel a year'---the first 'Expendables' was in the summer of 2010. The 2nd came-out last year, August 17th,2012. The #3rd(by your own words)is not due until 2014,sooooo---it might be helpful if you knew what you were saying---before you say it. Remember the saying; 'Better to be quiet and be 'thought' a fool---than to 'speak' and prove-it'.'
Anyhow,I am pretty-jazzed that Harrison has still got it in him to breathe life back into an iconic hero, that's been bringing great entertainment for at least 30-years---How COOL is That?!
I do not yet know how well Mr. Ford will do in 'Expendables #3',but---being a long time 'Stallone-Fan'---I am Quite Sure that he knows exactly what he's doing,by bringing him in. After all,the previous Expendables have been 'off-the-chain'! Sly tweeted about Steven Seagal may be in this upcoming 'Expendables'(YEAH,BUDDY! #AikidoOnlyMakesItBetter,LOL!) Sly' has an INCREDIBLE Record, of giving us memorable, and amazing Heroes, and blockbusters,hear?
And, while you may yawn about this news,Ms. Denton---I'm locking it in,and looking forward to Both of the films you mention here...
GO,FELLA'S!! #SLYSTALLONE, #EXPENDABLES3, #HarrisonFord, #INDY5!!!! Keep the Lightning coming,guy's!!! Many I know(Male & Female) will be right there in line,every time you do!! LOL!
Later all; Hollywood---out.


why not?
rember this is"Docter Jones", folks.

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