Gia Allemand Dead of Suicide; The Bachelor Star Was 29

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The Bachelor star Gia Allemand has died, E! News confirms.

The popular reality star and model was just 29 years old.

Gia Allemand was taken to University Hospital in New Orleans on Monday night and was listed in critical condition following a serious medical emergency.

The details that brought her there are not known, but despite an outpouring of prayers and support from Bachelor Nation, she appears to have passed away.

The brunette was placed on life support and had her mother and longtime boyfriend, NBA player Ryan Anderson of the New Orleans Pelicans, by her side.

A couple of hours after the family made its initial announcement, Melinda Farina (a close friend of Gia Allemand) tweeted about the shocking ordeal.

"@GiaAllemand on life support w little pulse and barely breathing ... cause unknown ... next 48 hours critical please pray for Gia everyone," she said.

"I'm so sad about my best friend right now... how could this have happened to such an incredible person... she needs to come out of it!" Farina added.

Tragically, she did not. Gia Allemand, who starred on Season 14 of The Bachelor and then Bachelor Pad, will be missed by family, friends and fans.


UPDATE: Gia's family has confirmed that the 29-year old took her own life.


ilove you mi dear

Shelle belle

Understanding why people choose suicide is very hard. It takes a compassionate and loving view. If you or someone you know is struggling, try to read the book, When The Devil Visits dot com. This lady lost four family members to suicide and she a unique perspective.


terrible. she was absolutely gorgeous. the best looker ever on the bachelors. poor poor gia. such a dear sweet woman., so sorry.




I think that the main reason why many people committed suicide is because of muteness or having no one to talk about their negative emotions/thoughts/feelings. Although Gia did have family and friends and even a boyfriend, she probably kept dark secrets from them.


wow..what a waste..She was smart, classy, and gorgeous.. RIP Gia..My prayers go out to your friends and family. I wish she had reached out to someone instead of taking her life!


wow I thought she was one of the prettiest ladies ever on the shows. What a shame. I'm afraid to say I will pray for her, cause such hatred here. Oh and Kevin u like to incite. Get a life and Fuck U


Loved her on the show! Classy as well as beautiful. She will be missed! RIP


Don't know who she is but I see a beautiful young woman with the world in front of her. My condolences to her family and friends. Whatever her troubles were they are now goneRIP


Are you kidding?! I didn't know her just like I don't know any of you aholes. So why would I waste any prayers on this fame whore. FUCK HER!!!

@ Kevin

nice comment...and if you are talking fame whores..there are no bigger ones than the Kartrashians and no one would feel bad if it were them..Gia seemed sweet and always kept it classy.

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